Breezer Bar

Bars in Agios Sostis

From H           

Erion, I miss you so mutch.I want to see you again. PLease send a message to this e-mail.

Sandra S           

hmm that picture standing on the next page... do you sure you you took them?
And you be right that he's a STAR!! Erion you be so sexy!!!

Shannon S           

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on the 27th of august till the 3rd of september the breezer bar kept me well intertained and eri u r so sexc n u know it lol if u read this message can i have ur email addytongueur such a star and next year when we come back your definately going in the pool instead of me all the time lol!tonguedidi u were brilliant and to everyone at the maestro i will miss you all!cry love ya everyone and sandra n brian i will chat to you soon love ya all peoples xx and oh yh girls look at this hunky pic i took on holiday! x love ya ericlap

Steph H           

Hi to Erion,  and Mental Menthol !! Just wanted to say good luck for the new season this year. I'm sorry that we will not be coming  to Zante this year, we are going to Cyprus, for a change, but maybe next year. best wishes to you all, from MAMA, (and Emma says Hello)xx


Greetings from Holland!!!!


Went to zante in june/july with my mother, i (we)had a great time.
If you ar going to Zante, you absolutely have to go to the Breezer bar!!
Every day and evening we went to the the Breezer Bar.
We had a great time, talking with al the nice people there.
A bove all Carol, Mick and Charlot from England,thanx for all the laugh and fun.
Hanny,Erjon and of cource Mentor (Tori) from the Breezer Bar
thanx for your hospitality!!

I am definitely going back to Agios Sostis, i cant wait!!!!!!

2 L           

forgot to do ratings

2 L           

returned from stayin in arcadianos a week ago, spent alot of time sitting at this bar chatting with mentor, julian and erion. also the dutch lady who we never got the name of! watch the alcohol drinks mentor makes them extremely strong, also him giving away free shots of ouzo doesnt help u when ur trying to stay sober for at least one night. closes at about 1 but this allows u to move onwards and upwards to 'the wild' c u in 2 years! can't wait

Paul & Angela           

Hi Mentor,

Your bar was the best on the island...your cocktails are a must!!

Thanks for taking me to get my birthday cake and allowing me to have a birthday to remember.

Coming back next year and hoping to have it there again.


Denice V           

Breezer Bar!!

I have the best holliday ever!!!

Erjon: Just keep on lurning more dutch words!!

Mentor:Thanx for everything!!

Bianca en Hanny: Heel veel geluk toegewenst in Griekenland!!