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Kate H (07 August 2006)

I last went to Zante in 2001 and as i love it so much i am moving over there to work in level bar. Im looking for my friend who worked in 'roscoes bar' opposite the admirals hotel, could someone tell me if the bar is still there and run by the same people. Thank You Kate xx

Sharon W  (08 June 2006)         

We went into this bar a few times Ė started when the football was on as we wanted to find a bar that DIDNíT have it on!  And they didnít, they showed films, Only Fools, Max & Paddy, Lee Evans etc so it was nice to sit and chill out with a nice (strong !) drink.  Really friendly in here.

Chris K  (11 September 2004)         

Went here lots to watch the films they showed. One of the better places for watching films as the screen was huge and outside. Also serves very strong Black Russians!

Jason B  (19 February 2004)         

me and my misses have known tassos and destan {jimmy}for a number of years. sadly jimmy is now working up the road but both tassos and jimmy are good guys and well worth a visit ive driven all over zante in the last 9 years and even though tsilivi and some of the people have changed its still the place i aint knocking the rest of zante 1 bit but i can see myself retired and taking a relaxing cold beer or 4 in the rector bar . try it man and chill out..

Graham C  (26 May 2003)         

Semms like Destan(Jimmy) has a few admirers here ! Just to let yiou all know girls - Destan is now at Eutopia at the top end of the Village opposite the Mediteranee Hotel !

Katrina B  (03 November 2002)         

destan - pure and simply - the dude, the man, the legend!!! taught a 9 year old how to make gin and tonics (subsequently having his tips taken away from him!), made me make rollies for him and allowed a grown women to sing out loud on the microphone and then had his boss come out and tell him "too loud". simple magic, see ya in may (hope work aint too hard for you in the factory and u've a spare hand for you fag!) MR BIG HEAD, THE INTORDUCTION OF BIKE-DICKS AND GETTING UR ASS WIPED BY ME WHILST TRYING TO IMPRESS ME WITH YOUR CARD TRICK WHICH I GOT EVERYTIME! see ya in 27 weeks!!! love Mandy, Kevin, Katrina nd of course Justine x =)

????????? ?  (02 September 2002)         

Destan- WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Annabel T  (02 September 2002)         

hi destan just want to say we are all missing you but we will be back next year so you better remember us! loadsa love annabel, rachel, lauren, lizzie and kerry xxxxx

Karen G  (12 July 2002)         

We loved it here. Tassos and Distan (Jimmy) were really freindly and made us feel welcome, Distan loved to share his nuts with us! He didn't even mind me juggling with his fruit!

Carolyn M  (04 October 2001)         

nice a**e jimmy - well nice everything really!!! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. delicious!!

Carolyn M  (03 October 2001)         

Brilliant!!! Jimmy was a real hunk - even complemented us fat old slappers from the north, all for the price of a few cocktails!!

Debbie C  (20 September 2001)         

We had a briliant time there and would definately go back again. Jimmy is absolutely beautiful

Elaine B  (15 September 2001)         

Had a fantastic time there. Jimmy we love and miss you. Would recommend that all the girls check this one out. You're in for a right treat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emma T  (14 August 2001)         

Tassos is very friendly and was happy to let me and my mates behind the bar to raid his CD collection and change the music!

Gill S  (08 July 2001)         

This bar has only been open about three weeks. Tassos likes rock, blues & jazz. Lovely bar - check it out. It's over the road from That Club

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