Green Frog - (Restaurants in Argassi)

Phil E          10/10

i stayed at the windmill studios just up the hill from the green frog and we often ate there on our 2 week holiday! and you couldnt fault anything! the food was very nice! i reccomend the thai chicken or the village sausage! all the staff are very friendly and the shop next door is also very reasonable! look forward to going back there next summer! missing it already and have only been home 4 days! the best holiday ever

Magic Mushroom - (Bars in Argassi)

Phil E          10/10

just got back from 2 weeks in argassi was absolutely mental in magic mushroom!! fire spitters, bottle juggling the lot! was awesome!  missing Zante already and want to go back NOW! had a good photo of the 2 barmen spitting fire but duno where thats gone! fully reccomend goin to the magic mushroom! is much better than any of the other pubs on the street!

Blue Caves and Shipwreck Cruise - (Zante Excursions)

Phil E          10/10

julies comment couldnt be more wrong! it was 1 of my favourite days on the boat trip to the blue caves. must have just been a bad day. if you wanted to see turtles why didnt you go on the 'turtle trip' (caretta castaway) we seen 3 turtles. the crew are really friendly and as long as you like sight seeing then this is the trip for you. as for sunburn and sea sickness, isnt that what sun lotion and sea sickness pills are for?? i fully reccomend this to anyone

Greek Night - (Zante Excursions)

Phil E          10/10

the greek night at windmill studios near the green frog in Argassi would take some beating

Fantasy Mini Golf - (Places to Visit on Zante)

Phil E          10/10

really good fun here. although i think they have a misunderstanding between hard and easy because the hard course is quite simple, the medium course is actually really hard and the easy course is impossible! my girlfriend got a hole in 1 at hole 7 on the medium course. and the plus side 2 it is theres a irish bar at the entrance and you can take your drinks around wiv u

Zakynthos Airport - (Places to Visit on Zante)

Phil E

this airport is a complete joke!! no other way to put it and there is nothing good about this place! its so bad it could actually ruin the end of your holiday! me and my girlfriend went for 2 weeks and had the best holiday ever but when we got 2 the airport on the way home to England everyone was saying "is that it?!" its like a little hut that they shepperd you around like sheep in. we got there 3 hours early and we had 2 qeue outside in the scorching sun with the rest of tourists from Bristol and no-one knew where we were going until we got called in to check in our luggage and found out that we couldnt take wine in our hand luggage that the women at the winery had informed us we would have no trouble with at check in and we had to pay a 90 excess luggage fee and there were people everywhere trying to get rid of things out of there suit cases so they were under!people even being pulled up for 2 kilos over!what a shambles! things put in boxes and taken out the back, no doubt for the airport staff to help themselves at the end of the day! then we had 2 queue outside agein for another 2 hours in the burning sun for passport checks only for the PA to call out " everyone for bristol to board please you are late for your flight" what a joke!! Zante seriously needs to sort this out if they want people to keep coming back!! i wish i could rate minus'

Argassi Resort - (Resorts on Zante)

Phil E          10/10

i stayed in Argassi for 2 weeks and got home on Thursday. it is the nicest place i have ever been and i am definately going to go back again! all the people go out of there way to make sure you are ok and we did not see a grumpy person! oh actually our bus driver was never happy and never on time!

the beach is nice but most places you have 2 pay to have a sun lounger but well worth it if you like peace and quiet!if you are for romantic meals by the sea then i reccomend Cappricios at the quiet end of the town and it is also very very reasonable. me and my girlfriend had a 3 course meal and a bottle of wine for less than 40 euros. i would reccomend Argassi to anyone, it has everything.

Snack Academy - (Restaurants in Argassi)

Phil E

almost as bad as the beer academy! AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

Manos Holidays - (Tour Operators on Zante)

Phil E  (July 16, 2007)        5/10

same as dawn really. no problems but nothing special.