Horse Riding - (Zante Excursions)

Steve C           

Excellent. Arrived back in the UK on the 29th Sept. I've never even touched a horse before so this was a great experience for me.  I was given Iraklis. I think he knew i was a novice and took advantage of my inexperience.  Great trek though with some great views. highly reccomended thanx marie

Georgia 2 - (Accommodation in Tsilivi)

Steve C           

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I say the apartment was ok but i definately wouldn.t stay there again.  The manos brochure fails to tell people that the apartments are directly above a bar and across the street from another bar.  The bar below(sunset boulevard- which is a great bar by the way. Spirios is a good laugh) plays music until late but it wasn't too loud.  The bar across the street seemed to be much noisier though. This, combined with no air conditioning makes for very uncomfortable nights.  I would have liked to have left the balcony doors open but apparently there are a lot of mosquitos.  Oh, and then theres the hand held shower which hoses the bathroom down when you try to use it(i've added a picture of the bathroom). On the plus side, its very close to the nice end of the beach and all the restaurants and shops and bars are easy to get to.

Sunset Bar - (Bars in Tsilivi)

Steve C           

Got back on the 29th sept 2005.  We were staying above the bar in the Georgia II apartments. spirios was a good laugh and quite good at pool if you're looking for someone to play when the bar is quiet.  Amstel is the same price as everywhere else but the glass they poor it into comes straight from the freezer.  Hmmmmmmmmmmm, frosty beer and theres a large selection of cocktails at about 4 Euros each( which is about 2.50-3 which is great considering how much more booze they pour into your glass compared to here in the uk).  Sky is always on and if theres a footie match going on somewhere, chances are they'll be playing it on their TV.  They serve food until about 4pm and they do a great english breakfast. Overall, excellent if your looking for a good night out with music, pool, and a chance to meet other people

Geordie Pride - (Bars in Tsilivi)

Steve C  (October 15, 2005)         

Ate breakfast there on the last day.  For more money, we had less food and was not too impressed with quality either.  We had been having breakfasts at greek restaurants through the holiday and we always had a lot more food no matter where it was.  I am unable to eat eggs so every restaurant i ate at gave me a substitute of extra sausages or bacon or both depending on how many eggs there should have been.  At the Geordie pride however, I was given a few extra button mushrooms which were not very hot.  Maybe it was just a one off but i think im glad i only went there once.  The staff were pretty good though and it was the only place i know that sold black pudding with the breakfast which i love.