Down Under - (Bars in Kalamaki)

Buellman   (October 01, 2003)         

The best (only?) bar of it's kind in Kalamaki. Thanks to all the guys for the craic, we'll be back next year.

I hope Karl's OK after his woopsie off his bike. (2 days before we left for home)

Nick, I'll send the KBW CD's in a couple of weeks along with some pics.

Thanks to the girl's, Kim & Tiff (mad Lil). You two don't get paid nowhere near enough.

Oh, and "SHUT THE DOOR!!!"

Amaryllis Hotel - (Accommodation in Kalamaki)


Couldn't fault it. Lovely place, always spotlessly clean, and the staff always helpful & friendly.

Aircraft noise ain't that bad, and you don't notice it after the first couple of days anyway.

No trouble with the pool, although we only spent a day or two there anyway.

Restaurant is a corker. Only had a couple of meals there, but both were superb. The pool snack bar (same kitchen as the restaurant) was also good. The egg & bacon rolls were sublime.

They must have dropped the bar prices too. One large and one small beer came to 3 Euro's (the cheapest we found). The exact same drinks in Down Under for example, was 5.50 Euro's!!!!!!

We'd certainly go again.

First Choice - (Tour Operators on Zante)


Our second time in two years with First choice, and yet again they came up trumps. Late booking via the 'net, yet everything was perfect.
Booked a hire car with the holiday, got a free upgrade with that, and didn't have to endure the "cattle truck" transfers by coach.
As a certain Mr Punch once said, "That's the way to do it!"

Ali, the rep, seemed to be always there if you needed her, (we didn,t), and was always friendly.

First Choice will be our First Choice next year.

Kaminia Beach - (Beaches on Zante)


A bit of a gold mine this one. Fairly quiet & a bit remote, (without a car or staying there).

Best bits?
Free sunbeds & brollies
The best "cuppa" on the Island!!

If you want a good beach with peace & quiet, this is the place to go.

Angels Bar - (Bars in Kalamaki)

Buellman   (October 01, 2003)         

Thought it great for the first two visits, but on the third, the music was switched off to be replaced by the football soundtrack!!
Now the vision of football I can endure, 'cos I can look at something else, but when the sound is also blaring out, it's time for me to leave.
We never went back after that.

Oasis Bar - (Bars in Kalamaki)


Gotta agree with most on here. In a lovely setting and reasonble prices.
I think the brothers seem a bit shy because thier English is not so hot, and they are wary of talking too much.
Always recognised us though, after the first couple of visits, and always got a smole and a wave when going in or leaving.

A great place to go for a chill out/wind down drink.

Cave Bar - (Bars in Kalamaki)


Superb setting, although the actual cave itself was shut off for some reason when we were there, (last two in Sept).

The walk up the hill ain't so bad if you don't want the moke.

Only gripe is that the music was a tad too loud the night we went. The quiet seats were all taken, and we had to sit in front of a (fairly large) speaker. A bit more planning, with more, but smaller speakers would ensure everybody got the same volume!!

Beer Academy - (Bars in Argassi)


We stayed in Kalamaki this year, but made a couple of trips back in to see Nick & the gang. Sorry to see Dennis wasn't there, but Nick said he had returned to Athens to go back to college. Good luck, Dennis!

The welcome we recieved from Nick was staggering. I didn't really excpect him to remember us, with the amount of different people that pass through the doors, but we were warmly welcomed like old friends. He was even telling the new boys about the antics I was getting up to the previous year. (I don't know if that's a good thing or not!!!!)

Thanks again, Nick, we'll see you next year!!!!!!!
Oh, and PLEASE stop juggling with the Jack Daniels bottle. You know my nerves can't take it!!!!!!

Day trip to Kefalonia - (Zante Excursions)


Excellent value for money, as long as you don't book through your rep.
We saved 18 Euro's per person by going with one of the operators you find everywhere. (We used Pelargos). The coaches are the same, the visits are the same, and you even get on the same ferry!!

Yes, it is a long day, and yes, it is a bit of a whistle stop tour, but you'd have to have an even longer day, or not see so much of the sights.
But as a quick view of Kefalonia, you simply can't beat it. If you want to see more of Kef, either stay there, or hire a car and drive yourself. (Check the insurance covers you first, some don't)

Green Frog - (Restaurants in Argassi)


Went back to the frog this year after a couple of excellent meals there last year.

Is it just me, or were the portions a lot smaller this year? The food was excellent as usual, just not so much of it.

Mermaids - (Restaurants in Kalamaki)

Buellman   (October 01, 2003)         

We went there on our first night in Kalamaki, mostly due to the positive comments on here. I decided to put them to the the test, and ordered the T-Bone with peperred sauce. It turned up EXACTLY as I had ordered, (very well done), and the peppered sauce was blindin'.
It was that good, I had another on our last night!!

Only gripe was the waitresses could be a tad over-eager at times, asking if we were ready to order, after the menu's had only been opened around 10 seconds!

Hera - (Restaurants in Kalamaki)


Couldn't fault the Hera.
Superb on every count. Getting a handshake and a thankyou from the waiters as you're leaving is a nice touch too.

They'll get my custom again.

Down Under - (Bars in Kalamaki)

Buellman   (October 03, 2003)         

Down Under Bar
Zante 29100

Hope this helps UK Gal