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Jesters Bar
(Bars in Alykanas)
10/10 Sonia (July 01, 2009)

Jane can be found in Zeus at night being her usual entertaining self or during the day at Pepe's (sp?) outside Catacombs.  Also doing Sunday lunch at Zante Gardens.  Unless it's all changed from a couple of weeks ago.

View 26 posts by Sonia ip - GB
10/10 Candice/candy H (April 18, 2009)

jaaaaaaaannnnnnnne its candy pants lol, am missing you and aint c*min over this year,  ihav lost ur number as well, gt ldza gossip 4 ya. i still have yannis number i fink ill have to send him a tx, if not plz send me and email bk with ur house number plz, miss u all so much love candice and family:d x

1 post by Candice/candy H ip - GB
 Neil P (October 11, 2008)

Hiya Jane. So sorry you are selling the bar at the end of the season, Wont be the same when someone else takes it over, but we will find ya wherever you are working next season.

Also sorry that we could'nt spend more time with you this year but we wont make the mistake of staying down in Alykes again.Big luv to you all. see ya soon...Nelly and

1 post by Neil P ip - GB
8/10 Mark (August 06, 2008)

Very good bar, nice and relaxing, free pool table and on fridays the currys are fab too. Top class music now 70 and Jane is always up for a laugh. Billy is cool aswell!!!!

View 8 posts by Mark ip - GB
10/10 Allan D (August 06, 2008)

Went to Alykanas in June this year and Jesters was usually our last stop on the way home. Great place, Jane is really fliendly, great for kids especially with the free pool table. Try the barbecue on Wednesday nights, great value and very tasty. Friendly atmosphere and good company at any time of night.

1 post by Allan D ip - GB
10/10 Molly (August 06, 2008)

hi jesters jane and billy + cat i really miss being in your bar

by the way brad have you got msn yet?
1 post by Molly ip - GB
10/10 Brad (August 05, 2008)
click to enlarge

Jesters bar is Fab!

The music is awesome and a free pool table! Jane is very friendly and Billy is nice too.
Nice drinks, Great location, we went there quite a few nights.
View 15 posts by Brad ip - GB
9/10 Molly I (August 04, 2008)

Jesters bar is so cool its got really good music now 70 and now 69  theres a funny cat there that makes me and my best friend brad laugh everytime we go there because my brother josh plays with its head lol!!!

Jane is always happy and up for a giggle and billys great 2
we might be comin for 3 weeks next year cause 2 weeks just isnt enough
Miss you all!!!!
View 4 posts by Molly I ip - GB
10/10 Penny C (July 31, 2008)
This is a great bar and not to bee missed

 I never thought I would look forward to sunday dinner or fish and chips when in the heat of Greece but  Jane and Jenny's cooking @ Jesters is an exception.

 Last time I also had the fab barbeque .All great value for money ! Jane's sense of humour  is also a joy and I will be glad to hear her laugh again in September .

Penny x  .
1 post by Penny C ip - GB
10/10 Edmund B (July 24, 2008)
Great Sunday lunch`s,and Janes infectious laugh and sense of humour make for a great evenings after dinner drinks
View 2 posts by Edmund B ip - GB
8/10 Ann A (July 07, 2008)

Only visited once as it was probably the furthest bar from where we were staying (down road to side of Busters) and the heat prevented us from wandering far.  Very friendly, nice lunchtime snack, hope to return next time to sample one of the roasts or weds. bbq. 

View 12 posts by Ann A ip - GB
10/10 Ada F (June 20, 2008)
 hi jane,dennis,yanni and billy.
Thanks to you all for a great 4wks holiday, we has a holiday never to forget.
thank you for doing a great job for adrians 60th birthday party (he might remember it one day)
i hope you have done all my washing ready for us coming back in sept hahahahaha
IF any of you holiday makers have not been to jesters bar yet it is time you did this is a bar
NOTto be missed get your legs going up the road passed busters passed dannies then on to see jane and gang you will go back again and again.
     see you all sept BILLY do your jobs
View 7 posts by Ada F ip - GB
10/10 Aggie M (October 21, 2007)
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View 2 posts by Aggie M ip - GB
10/10 Angie W (September 19, 2007)
click to enlarge

Hi Gang,
Hope you are all ok and Dennis has recovered from his operation..
As usual I had a great time with you and the boys in August, and am still trying hard to perfect the roast potatoes!!!!
I am missing you all, and looking forward to seeing you here in sunny Macclesfield at Christmas!! Just one thing Janie, you cant get URSUS over here so best bring plenty for you and Nat!!
Love to you all XXXX
View 2 posts by Angie W ip - GB
10/10 Bev D (September 15, 2007)
This is a great bar, one not to be missed! Jane will make you feel so welcome & nothing is too much trouble.
The Sunday lunches are second to none as is the fish & chips on a Friday....!!!!

Love to you all - especially my Pretty Boy & Fat Frog friend....
View 8 posts by Bev D ip - GB
10/10 Gina H (September 01, 2007)

Have to recommend this place for a wonderful breakfast. Jayne has been looking after us for a few years now and  a Jesters breakfast is part of our holiday.

When in Greece, we like to eat Greek but just cant resist her roast dinners on a Sunday. Managed to get two Sunday dinners this year, (Hubby was in heaven)
Sorry we never got a chance to say cheerio hen,
See you next year though, as usual,
Gina, Walter, Mandy and Craig.
(P.S. Enjoy your trip to Wishaw)
View 19 posts by Gina H ip - --
 Karen H (August 17, 2007)

To the lovely Jane

We just want to say thank you for being so great to us all whilst we spent 3 weeks out in Zante, her BBQ's and Sunday Roast are the best on the Island she is such great fun to be with nothing is a problem and she will help you out with anything - make sure you visit Jester Bar just up from Danny's and Fever Bar you won't be disappointed....... Once again thank you Jane for everything and we will back next year may be without the love birds though.
Love to you all from Karen, Norman and Nick x
View 3 posts by Karen H ip - GB
10/10 Karen K (August 07, 2007)

Jesters bar is not to be missed.

Jane has got it spot on, excellent company, excellent drinks, best sunday roast ever.
Dont miss Friday night's fish and chips.
Thanks Jane and boys for a fantastic holiday. 
See you again.
1 post by Karen K ip - GB
10/10 Lesley P (August 07, 2007)

So sad we had to come home and leave Jane and the boys behind!

This is the best bar, bar none in Alykanas!

Good food; Great company; Wicked drinks!

Jane, if you decide to come back for good, i could really do with you moving in with us!

Jesters Bar is a great place to go - put it on your 'must do' list when you travel to Alykanas - you won't be disappointed.

1 post by Lesley P ip - --
10/10 Bev D (July 11, 2007)

 I second what Angie has said! Great bar with the friendliest hostess around.....and Jenny too! Missing you all and hope to see you in August.

Love to you all from one of the Fat Frog Threesome....he he he!!!
View 8 posts by Bev D ip - GB
10/10 Angie W (July 11, 2007)
   Hi Jane, Hope you are all well, and not to bored without us!!   Hope to see you soon, so hope Yanni will cover a few shifts for you so you can have some well deserved nights out with your adopted sisters!!
Hope the business has picked up for you, so who ever reads this, be sure to check out this great friendly Bar, with a beautiful hostess, and 100% real drinks! !Not too mention the great sunday roast, with better roast potatoes than mine!!

View 2 posts by Angie W ip - GB
10/10 Sonia (June 27, 2007)

If you like your drinks strong, this is the place.  Jane sure pours a mean Vodka and coke. 

View 26 posts by Sonia ip - GB
9/10 Andrew M (June 18, 2007)
First time in resort - Excellent, plus how welcoming are Jane & Co at Jesters.
Last port of call on the left, on road after Fever's Bar/Medusa Teverna etc, before you get to
local houses and old village of Alykanas.  Late night in relaxing easy atmosphere - Couldn't be better.
All the best - Stock up on the Sheridan's - See you next June/July time.
ClapAndrew Millichap 
View 6 posts by Andrew M ip - --
10/10 Bev D (June 08, 2007)
Hi Jane, Yianni & Billy. Thanks for yet another brilliant week.
Billy you're my little 'Tuttie Fruittie' & I love you!!!
Look forward to seeing you in August and Jane PLEASE make sure you've got the HP in for my bacon roll...!!!
View 8 posts by Bev D ip - GB
 Bev D (May 30, 2007)
click to enlargeHey Janey Babe - hope you've got the Fat Frogs ready for tomorrow.....????

View 8 posts by Bev D ip - GB
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