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Iguana Bar
(Bars in Alykanas)
10/10 Julie K

Hi Sakis & Emma

Not been to Zante in a long time lots and lots of good memories of Alykanas and Sakis and the Iguana bar and the little caravan on the beach years ago when your Dad used to pick us up in his pick up and take us the beach.  We had some fabulous holidays thank you.  Laura is now 17 very grown up now but she still mentions you often
1 post by Julie K ip - GB
10/10 Natalie J

hi this is natalie here that used to work in the bar just a quick note to say i hope everything is ok and well out there i am great i had a bouncing baby boy in april and he is perfect i have the family i always wanted . take care everyone xxxx

1 post by Natalie J ip - GB
 Sarah C
click to enlarge Hi Denis, do you remember us?? long time ago 15 years to be exact, we were thinking about the best holidays we've had, and Alykanas camr to mind, we came with Paula Wally Dan & Ellie, Spike our son is now 25!!! if you can please email me at, look like you are well and happy say hi to Emma hope all is well take care Srah xx
1 post by Sarah C ip - GB

Black sambucca shots  

Yamas Baby!!
View 7 posts by Caroline ip - GB
10/10 David

click to enlarge    we were here most nights between 29/7 and 11/8 this year....this is Emma with my 8 year old son Brad.....we loved it and can't wait for summer 2008 


View 5 posts by David ip - GB
10/10 Rachel I

just as fantastic as ever....fantasic music...miss u loads emma, sakis and tasos see u october love rachie n family xx

View 3 posts by Rachel I ip - GB
10/10 Karen M

Great bar .. just as good as last year but with a different name ! Nice to see Sakis & Emma & Becky again  xxx chelsea Newcastle

View 12 posts by Karen M ip - GB
10/10 Gabby S
click to enlarge

Awww what a great bar had so many good nights in here!!

The drinks were always reli  nice and we never came out sober haha!!
The music is good and the people are amazing
Almando is soo lovely and spent everynight making me laugh i embarrased myself in front of him everynight, just like last year but we dont talk about that do we haha!! awww so miss u !!
if u read this i found your cigarettes in my bag when i got bak home haha  
Remember to get a helmet for next year or else i wont tlk to u haha!!

see you next year

love Gabriella
View 5 posts by Gabby S ip - GB
10/10 Sonia

Still as good as ever but it has been renamed as Gecko's (change in ownership).

View 26 posts by Sonia ip - GB
 Gabriella D
click to enlargeclick to enlarge

hello everybody its gabriella here..i worked in flame bar last june/july

just writing to see if anyone who remembers me is returning again this year...? returning end of may/1st june and cant wait x
View 4 posts by Gabriella D ip - GB
  Natalie J

hey sakis its natalie just to wish you all the best and hope many more happy times come your way ive got great memories of the iguana bar    so stay happy and good x

1 post by Natalie J ip - GB
  Sakis K

Just to let everybody know that the Iguana now has it's own e-mail address, for those who want to contact us.  See you all again soon.  Sakis and Emma.  

1 post by Sakis K ip - Greece
  Adrienne O

This is by far the best bar in Alykanas.  Great atmosphere, great music.  The owner and staff are so friendly you are made to feel very welcome and comfortable at all times.  Just like visiting old friends. Don't miss is.

View 4 posts by Adrienne O ip - Ireland
  Linda W
Don't know if you even read any of these comments Denis,but just like to say my mum n dad n brother n sister n law had an abfab time.You made their holiday that wee bit more special.Really good for Tam and me to speak to you on the phone,and yes we will be back 2007.Have booked already.Plessas Palace for a change.Mum got a really good photo of  you and my dad.Lots of love Linda,Tam and Teri.XXX
View 2 posts by Linda W ip - GB
  Kelsey G
click to enlargeclick to enlarge

every night we went into the iguana bar even if it was for 5 mins we loved it there was lots of things 2 do and you got free pool tokens for pool and air hocky was only 1 euro it is brilliant.

View 3 posts by Kelsey G ip - GB
Can U Help?Gabriella D
anybody have a number or any other way of contacting sakis....??
View 4 posts by Gabriella D ip - GB
  Gabriella D
click to enlarge

hello sakis......its gabriella....managed to find this page but dont know if you will get this message is so you can e-mail me on would be nice to speak to you XX

View 4 posts by Gabriella D ip - GB
  Justin I
  click to enlarge

the iquana bar is amazing we always go there every night because its the best and we always stay till like 5 because we love making the best of things and also the man who runs it is called sakis and he is the great he is very kind and friendly and loves making friends i love click to enlargehim he is really sweet bless him but we go there every year so its mint, we play pool there and air hockey, there is great music and its just somewhere to chill. anyway everyone should go there and you will see how good it is for your self anyway bye and luv u sakis from justin iurlano xxxclick to enlargexx

1 post by Justin I ip - GB
  Rachel I
click to enlarge

The IGUANA BAR is the best place in alykanas we go there every night while we are on holiday in zante and stay till at least 5. Sakis runs the bar really good and we love him u r the best luv from rachel xxx

1 post by Rachel I ip - GB
  Sarah M
Natalie (Bless her little pikey socks) Is Now the all  SINGING & DANCING COCKTAIL WAITRESSin FLAME BAR !!
    !!!!!!! CHECK IT OUT !!!!!!
   Saramay xxx
1 post by Sarah M ip - Greece
  Coruja C
gametable ok, cocktails ok (didn't like the dead shot ) 
View 6 posts by Coruja C ip - Austria
  Marie C
click to enlargeclick to enlarge
Great to see you again Sakis,  and glad to know you still have that strange thing growing in your throat!!   
Say hi to Emma for us and all the bar staff.   Yet another great holiday and we will be back.
View 4 posts by Marie C ip - GB
  Yvonne A
hiya u r the best we r coming in july hope u r beter now we had a lovley christmas, yvonne is missing u loads see ya soon
love yvonne and family 
1 post by Yvonne A ip - GB
  Pussy C
to nikos
i know you like me
i know you want me
don't ya wish your girlfriend was hot like me
don't ya wish your girlfriend was fun like me
you know i like ya
you know i want ya
don't ya
your p***y cat doll xxxx
1 post by Pussy C ip - GB
  Nicky D

We spent many nights here.  Nat, Nikos and Ikey became our true friends - keep up the good work team - one of the best bars in Alykanas.

Nicky & Jim
View 2 posts by Nicky D ip - GB
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