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Visit Laganas for a night out.
(Excursions on Zante)
7/10 Claire M

Stayed in Tsilivi with my bfriend and another couple. It was very quiet at night at the 1st week in July. We went to Lganas for 3 nights out of 7. Taxi from Tsilivi to Laganas was reasonable 14-16 but the roads getting there were very narrow and dangerous. Laganas is the opposite of Tsilivi, very busy, alot of clubs, more of a buzz. Cocktails and dreams was my favourite, people dancing everywhere even on the bar. There were alot of offers on cocktails with free shots (one place gave 2 cocktails and 2 shots for 6) but it was mainly juice, very little alcohol. BUT I wouldn't recommend to go there every night, it can get a bit monotonous. Its nice for a few nights out and also it was a chanve to see another place on the beautiful island. Smile

1 post by Claire M ip - Ireland
  Lisa M
 We stayed in Laganas,
If you want the hard core clubs/Bars then you want the Main Road. We prefered the Kalamaki Road were there where more bars restaurants & Shops, something for every one, people very friendly and must visit if you're in Zante.
View 7 posts by Lisa M ip - GB

went to Laganas about midnight from Tsilivi for a night out beginning of June, we had one drink and came back to our resort.  There were kids in the gutter and others which were quite obviously there for one thing.  We hated it even the lads had never seen anything like it. 

1 post by Cls ip - UK
Excellent time out. Best holiday in a long time.
View 5 posts by Leo ip - UK
  Carl B
Since our accomodation was here we saw Laganas quite often!! Of all the places visited on the island this seemed to have the greatest number of shops & restaurants (more than in the capital of Zakynthos Town). Obviously restaurants are out to tempt you with their food, but they don't over-hassle you (depending on your age?). Wide variety of tourist shops with good prices. A few 'sports-like' activity places for kids. Lovely beach.
View 3 posts by Carl B ip - UK
  Me Y
a visit to laganas was excellent, the bars were great and George from Zeros was even better- thanks for making my night amazing. You should be an olympic gold champion in
View 5 posts by Me Y ip - UK
  Louise D
We enjoyed our trip to Laganas. There is about half a mile of pubs, shops, restaurants and clubs and loads to keep you entertained. Only problem was we went with Dianosis Tours and there were so many pick up points there and back the travelling took twice as long to get there and was a bit frustrating.
View 4 posts by Louise D ip -
  Laurie A
We hired a car and drove through this British suburb of Zante for a laugh. Terrible place for the unsuspecting tourist wanting something even a little Greek. Club 18 -30 types will love it. Otherwise - don't go anywhere near the place.
View 14 posts by Laurie A ip -
  Martin D
We did no like this thing. We have drinked many beer. We have danced many dances with hand in air. We was being too hot I think for after I was being Krank. I was Krank all over the bus and the morning, we not remember more of dancing games.
View 8 posts by Martin D ip -
  Rich W
party to the break of dawn
View 5 posts by Rich W ip -
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