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Arhondico (Memories)
(Restaurants in Alykanas)
9/10 Ian C

Very very nice. We ate here three times during the fortnight and could easily recommend it. Not quite my favourite restaurant, but even so, it's well worth going to

View 5 posts by Ian C ip - GB
9/10 Jim M

  Can recommend the Beef Stamnas, out of this world.  We've tried the rest and this is the best.

1 post by Jim M ip - Greece
10/10 Lynda M
  Hey you really have to go here soon and mean soon The food is out of this world great selection and fantastic service,Miri and Marina were looking after us and thet are definetly Top Class They are so friendly to their customers you are treated more as a member of family than a customer Miri is very funny and he made our night Will definetly be going back In 14 nights we have been 8 times have tried other places but this sure is the best ENJOY
1 post by Lynda M ip - Greece
9/10 Steve M
Stayed in Alykanas last week of May(Plessas Palace) ate at Memories on 2 occasions, food and service very good, also try their cake shop next door
1 post by Steve M ip - GB
10/10 Jane A
click to enlargeclick to enlarge

What a wonderful resaurant, fantastic food, excellent service and the friendliest staff.  Cannot wait to get back in 2010.  Please keep table 6 ready Miri - no bread but plenty of wine. Hope Niko's arm is better. Yamos.

1 post by Jane A ip - GB
9/10 Brad

Wonderful meal in there

View 15 posts by Brad ip - GB
10/10 Ben Y

Food at memories is very good. The restaurant is a nice place to eat and has good friendly staff especially Miri who takes the orders. If you go to Alykanas you should try this restaurant it is accross the road from Busters.

View 2 posts by Ben Y ip - Greece
10/10 Etienne W
Over the last couple of years the cuisine has improved. The large tasty resonably priced portions made this

restaurant our first choice during a three week stay in September 2009.

We especially enjoyed the Village Lamb which was succulent and fragent.
The house wine was a bonus.  
View 6 posts by Etienne W ip - Israel
10/10 Faith S

We had two lovely meals in this restaurant and the staff were really friendly. Also good prices and Nikos gave us free wine, free ice cream and 10% off our bill, which was really nice.

A really nice restaurant, definately worth a try!
View 11 posts by Faith S ip - GB
10/10 M D

Excellent, We ate here 4 times (in a 2 week holiday). Try the moussaka in a clay pot. You also receive1/2 carafe of wine per table free.

View 19 posts by M D ip - GB
 Kim S

This restaurant gets better every year - food is superb and so reasonably priced - always the cheapest - ate here 4 times in 2 weeks.  Very relaxed atmosphere - the lamb kleftico was gorgeous.........!!

View 8 posts by Kim S ip - GB
10/10 Sally W

If you havnt been to memories you should,the food is out of this world.

The sweets are to die for,the cheese cake is a must
We were on holiday for 3 weeks and we went there almost every night
View 5 posts by Sally W ip - GB
10/10 Sonia

Still one of the best restaurants in the resort and probably the cheapest.

View 26 posts by Sonia ip - GB
10/10 Sonia

I've had quite a few meals here and never had a bad one.  My friend had Zakynthian Chicken every time as it was so good.  Lamb with mint sauce was very tasty.  Free half kilo of wine with your meal.

View 26 posts by Sonia ip - GB
10/10 Sue C
click to enlarge
 Just got back from zante visited the restaurant serveral times and it was just as good as last year
they have a second name now as the english could not get their heads round the "Arhondico" just for the english it is called "Memories" and you can be sure you will have  fantistic memorys of the meals you get there
Spiro, Kiki & their
4 daughters
1 post by Sue C ip - Greece
  Claire H

This restaruent was great - run by a father and his five  daughters - the service was great but the food was out of this world I will never be able to replicate the kleftico just fantastic - no staff hassling you and a very refined family - just occasionally you get a restaruent that ticks all of the boxes - go you will not be disappointed

View 3 posts by Claire H ip - GB
  Graham W

Dont waste your money goin anywhere else this place is full every nite

why?? because the food is beautiful the cost is one of the best in town and free wine and ice cream for the kids (ice cream that is lol)
no one on the door touting for trade the sign says  our food speaks for itself  and it does
top marks to Spiros and Kikki
View 3 posts by Graham W ip - GB
  Dave L

Excellent...don't miss this place.

View 3 posts by Dave L ip - GB
  Chriss & Mal
Great food and good service - what more can you ask for?!  Try the latte with Baileys - delicious Embarrassed
View 10 posts by Chriss & Mal ip - GB

We really really liked this taverna (why does it have 4/10 on the main bit?  I'm confused?!).  The service is very gentle and friendly, the food is yummy (we had saganaki, a chicken and a pork dish and tuna salad, tiramisu etc on various different nights) and the prices were particularly pleasing! 

It's in a slightly more tranquil part of town so that was great too.  Definitely one of our faves - seemed to get everything 'just right'!


View 16 posts by Laura ip - GB
Can U Help?Susan C
yes the new resterant is where Costa's was last year
View 2 posts by Susan C ip - Greece

One of the best in resort this year and really good value.

View 21 posts by Sonia ip - GB
  Chriss & Mal
Just been reading the comments on this new restaurant and am a bit confused as to where it is - is it where Costa's was last year or is it next door to the Millennium?
View 10 posts by Chriss & Mal ip - --

Lovely food and friendly staff made for a relaxing night. Would recommend eating here whilst in Alykanas

View 13 posts by Susan ip - GB
  Susan C
we was there early may when they opened What a suprise lovly food excellent service and prices we will be back in september so look out Ron
View 2 posts by Susan C ip - Greece
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