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Barba Nikos Cafe
(Bars in Vassilikos)
  Phil W
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Every evening, having eaten at a local restaurant, we walked here which is on the road leading to the Louis Hotel complex at Mavratsis beach and opposite the Dimitra apartments. We've been doing this for four years now. If you're a football fan, George, the owner and his wife, Toula have all the matches via satellite.  George has a vast collection of football scarves which people from the U.K. and other places have sent him.  George and Toula are very welcoming and extremely friendly.  He speaks fluent English and many of his customers have been returning to his taverna since 2000 when he opened.  We see the same people there at the same time every year!  If you want any information about the island George can supply it and he'll make sure you get the best prices.  They have a beautiful daughter called Chrisanthi who is two years old.  George will often recommend a restaurant and, if you have no transport, he will give you a lift there and back or arrange for the restaurant owner to do it.  We keep in touch with them and some of the regulars all year.  You too can be one of George's People a very exclusive club open to all!

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  Nicki L

Definitely the best bar in the area owned and run by George and Toula,whose warmth and geniune hospitality make us settle into 'the greek way' as soon as we arrive!They are always on hand with helpful tips and recommendations for anything from where to eat, to shortcuts to any one of the great beaches!

We must also thank George for all the lifts back to our lodgings!

Their cocktails have to be tasted to be believed, the most generous proportions we have experienced!We advise you sample as many as you can,but it may take several visits to get through the entire menu(we've been going twice a year for 3 years and have'nt managed it yet!)

We can also vouch for the great breakfasts!

Look forward to seeing you all soon,best wishes to Mama and Papa,and special ones to little Chrysanthi,who always seems to steal the show!












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