Tour Operators in Zante

Emma   (18 October 2006)         

sarah and jamie are the best reps!!

we got really looked after by them and jamie and the other reps did great on the play away bar crawl! and the rep that downs the smirnoff ice (cant remember her name!!) wow, never seen someone put a drink away in that amount of time!
massive thanks to the thomas cook reps

Sam H  (29 September 2006)         

sarah are you paying your guests to say nice things about you!!!!!! love you loads and im going to miss not working with you next year. After 3 years together, who am I going to sit next to in training in crete?  God Lord BENNETT!!!!!!!


Kirsty F  (17 September 2006)         

well what more can i say thanks for given us another fab holiday the best rep in town Sarah Taylor. it was nice to see you again and sorry for all that paper work but we like to keep you busy when we leave lol.

Dont worry about the head reps job you will get it no problem and then we will see you again next year.

Lol R  (03 September 2006)         

omg sunset were brilliant. our holiday wouldn't have been the same without our rep, sarah taylor or should i say TINKERBELL TAYLOR!!!!!!!!! she really looked after us and gave us the best advice ever. someone to have a good chat to an all!!!!!!!!! i've got my fingers crossed on you getting head rep then you will still be at the commodore when we go next year. well............. i'll hopefully see you in october when me n vicky come back,,,,,, wewwwwwwwwwww i cant wait!!!! A BIG FAT HELLO TO SARAH AND NIKOS, will see you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  thanks again guys, it was a brilliant holiday!!!!!!!  mwah, missin ya alredi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

luv ya lots..............argassi lassi no. 4
xx lol xx

Vicky N  (02 September 2006)         

sunset are great to go with. sarah in the commodore is the best rep ever shes so nice and friendly she helps you with anything. hope you get head rep. were coming back in october so hopefully see you then :) it's me and lol so far  xxx

Kirsty F  (11 June 2006)         

 second time being in zante we were made most welcome by our tour reps.
the best rep you will ever find would have to be Sarah Taylor for the commodore/captains in Argassi May 06.
she was always there when you needed her and the best  rep you could ever meet.
keep up the great work Sarah and hope to see you again.

William K  (05 June 2006)         

1st time being abroad and the help of from the Sunset Reps was exceptional especially Sarah Taylor who runs the Commodore and Captains Hotels. Had nothing but the best of help from her in particular when I slipped and fractured my elbow. Well done Sarah.

If you want to have a good time with the Reps of Sunset ensure that you put your name forward for the Mix & Mingle which is being held on Monday evenings, very small pub crawl where kids are also invited along to 1 great evening of dancing in clubs and also for the karaoke in The Factory.

Karen W  (27 August 2005)         

first time we have booked with sunset we were quite impressed we paid 1000 for 2 adults 2 children  age 15+9 to go to zante 4/7/2005  for 2 weeks. A two bedroom apartment which was quite sufficient in a good location and very clean.the in flight service with thomas cook was also pretty good so if your reading this you will see we got a bargain it was booked the year before so it wasnt a last minute bargain also we new exactly where we was staying there was no hidden surprises. so if your reading this make sure you check out the sunset brochure and get a quote you wont be dissapointed.

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