Kostas Brothers Taverna

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Glynis G          10/10

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Shall we ever go back? You bet! Zante was fabulous, but this Taverna was the icing on our holiday.

Kostas Brothers Taverna is the friendliest restaurant you could ever wish for. It's very popular with the Greeks themselves - every night it was very busy and plenty of families with children too.

The food is great - try the beef in red sauce, it's lovely. The restaurant is set around a large flower surrounded courtyard, warm evening and night air - perfect!

They play traditional music every night and on Sunday there was dancing too. We enjoyed the music: guitars, mandolins, mandolas and singing - some lovely playing. They encourage people to join in and have some songs which the children seemed to like, along with one or two that were obviously hilarious if you understood the Greek.

They treated us like friends (and we got quite a few drinks on the house too). We were serenaded with love songs when they came to our table to play and drink with us! On our last night they gave us a bottle of wine to take home.

If you want romance or a child friendly family evening or night out yoy really couldn't do better than visiting Kostas Brother's Tavern.

Patsy F          10/10

click to enlargeclick to enlargeAdd your comment here, Kostas brothers Taverna must be the best I have ever eaten in. I have visited a number of the Islands and I have never encountered such genuine hospitality, friendliness and service. The food is delicuous not to mention cheap and he has a great selection of wines also. I can't imagine how he and his fellow musicians keep the pace night after night serenading visitors and locals alike. Without a doubt the best food we have eaten in Grece. The most romantic and the most fun. It is the experience of a lifetime to have found this gem in Zakynthos and I hope I do not regret sharing our infomation. My husband wanted to keep it a secret so that it would not change by getting over popular. I don't think it is possible as the owner Yannis is so genuine along with his lifelong friend Takis and also the sons of Yannis. If you like Boxer dogs there are some on his land beside the Taverna.... pure pet is Ciara..... If you go there you will not regret it.... My husband had the Zakynthos goulash and was thrilled with what he got, he could hardly finish it and he is a big man and I had pork souvlaki and was not disappointed. Portions are large to say the least.... the second night I had chicken fillet and myhubby had grandmothers plate. Both very satisfying...

Anthony C          8/10

Good picture of Yianni playing the guitar.

He sings at your table and asks for requests. Roll out the Barrel is most common.

Gordon B           

click to enlarge Photo of the owner and the "Band" serenading customers.

Gordon B           

Excellent food and wine, but the live music really made it "A Great Night Out".

Gordon B

Kostas Brother Taverna is on the edge of Potiami village as you head south - just before a very bad right hand bend.

Dave G

Where about in Vassilikos is Kostas Brothers Taverna?

Katy W           

We went to Kostas Brothers twice during our stay and found it the most enjoyable restaurant of all. The clientele was mostly Greek, with one or two Italian groups, and it's set in a garden at the back of a villa, away from the road and all things touristy. The food was very good (try Grandmother's Plate (beef and pasta) and extremely reasonably priced. The best thing was the live music each night, featuring two violins, a guitar, mandolin and accordion, with two singers. They would sit at a convenient empty table and just play, moving from table to table as the reservations came in. This will be my abiding memory of Zakynthos, together with Gerakas Beach.

Iain, B           

Our favourite taverna in the Vassilikos area. Lovely courtyard setting among numerous trees and flowering shrubs. Live traditional music every night. Mostly Greek clientele. Food and service first class. Very friendly.

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