Two Brothers Bar - (Bars in Tsilivi)

Eddie .          10/10

with regard to mr banff's post about alex leaving , and how'll they'll get on without him , you must be having a laugh ,

if you've went to tsilivi for years you'll know that the brothers have been running this bar for years ,built it up from scratch , and many staff have came and went , none of which have impacted on their success ,

i'm sure they'll survive just fine , since i've been going to tsilivi i've seen nikos , big jim , dmitri and spiros all leaving   , everyone of them just as good as alex if not better ,

their also must be thousands of peanut fans in tsilivi because the two brothers bar is full every night , don't take my word for for it , try it yourself if you go , you wont regret it ,

see ye's in sept boys

pretty negative post mr banff

Two Brothers Bar - (Bars in Tsilivi)

Eddie .          10/10

aye ok , we'll look again

A nice, friendly bar.......fair enough

 Worth a visit.........fair enough

 Spot the brother who looks like Donny Osmond !.............poor sarcasm

 Alex has now left, so it will be interesting to see how they get on without him...............ridiculous comment

 If you like peanuts with your beer, this is the place to be...................again negative

enough said , your comments speak for themselves ,

Two Brothers Bar - (Bars in Tsilivi)

Eddie .          10/10

aye ok ,

no personal insults made ,

but i'm sure more than one person on here has took issue with some of your posts about different bars ,

Two Brothers Restaurant - (Restaurants in Tsilivi)

Eddie .  (25 September 2010)        10/10

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The two brothers latest venture , they've renovated the old troc into a nice looking bar grill , place is looking really good .

we stayed at the two brothers studios couple of weeks ago (sept 10 ) and we used the grill quite a lot over the two weeks , food was comparable in price with anywhere else serving same type of food ,

food was fresh , served quickly , no complaints ,

if your in ask kostas for a KOSTAS SPECIAL PITTA , bit of sausage , feta , the rests a secret .

ten out of ten , boys have made a really good job of converting a tired old restaurant into a modern looking place to eat .

well worth a visit .

Two Brothers Bar - (Bars in Tsilivi)

Eddie .          10/10

click to enlarge there's a new page now setup for the grill in the restaurants section

Molly Malones - (Bars in Tsilivi)

Eddie .          1/10

i would say that the new molly malones isn't really an irish bar , its more a disco with an irish name

the noisiest thing about it is the irritating character with his dragster , sorry motorbike without a decent exhaust who continually roars up and down from the golf to the disco ,

very noisy non irishman