Oasis Bar - (Bars in Kalamaki)

Beth A          10/10

 just got back from kalamaki, had great time, went to oasis bar loadsa time, lovely chill out bar, staff really friendly, we even had bets on football with them, we won our cocktails!!! hope to go back next year!!!

Cave Bar - (Bars in Kalamaki)

Beth A

 just got back home unfortunately, cave bar is great went there alot over our hols,its fun sitting in the cave having a drink, also the seating area outside is really nice to relax and chill out. will be back next year!

Pandesia - (Restaurants in Kalamaki)

Beth A          1/10

 we went there in our 2nd week of our hols as it looked really nice and staff all seemed friendly. we were really disappointed with our meal had no taste at all and were both still hungry when we left we just had main meals as it was so horrible. when we go back to zante definately wont be going to eat there again!!! 

Buon Amici - (Restaurants in Kalamaki)

Beth A          10/10

 went to kalamaki for 2 weeks and we ate at buon amici 4 times, the food and wine is so nice there we had pollo rosso and the mushrooms with cheese are really nice. staff were really friendly and welcoming, will definately be going back to eat there when we go back to kalamaki!!!