Red Apple Bar - (Bars in Tsilivi)

Gillian R          9/10

Our family went into the Red Apple every night for a few drinks before we went for something to eat and on our way back to the hotel.  There is a great atmosphere in the Red Apple and Spiros, Dennis and Gabriella are very friendly and realy make an effort to make you feel welcome!  

Admiral Hotel - (Accommodation in Tsilivi)

Gillian R          2/10

I stayed at the admirals last year, i didnt like then at all, the pool is dangerous as you can see by the pictures that Jackie Howden has uploaded, to me the hotel seemed very overcrowded, the floors in my room were absolutely filthy! i would get out of the shower and before i put my shoes back on i would have to rinse my feet as they were literally Black! i think that the entertainment was naff unless you love to sit in all night and sing kareoke. i also was not impressed with the buffet at the hotel.

St Denis Apartments - (Accommodation in Tsilivi)

Gillian R          9/10

we stayed at st. dennis apts 4 years ago and we liked it, the only thing we had to complain about is that our room was dirty, and the balconies werent fab, but we went to tsilivi this year and went round to the dennis apts just to be nosy and we found that they have done work to the apartment and they look allot better, im looking for apartments for 2009 when i go to tsilivi with friends and im seriously considering st dennis apartments