Popeyes - (Restaurants in Tsilivi)

Ian A           

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Well what can we say, of all the places we have visited in the world we can't think of anywhere where the welcome from the staff was so genuine, we miss you guys so much but hope to see you next year with some friends that we have recommended Popeyes to.
If it was our choice we would definately go to eat here every night but we were in a large party and some of our party wanted to try different places which is cool but we love this place, full of banter with the staff who we found very amusing and accommodating, nothing was too much for these guys, they made this holiday for us!
Try the Banana Pancakes for breakfast, they are yummy, not sure they have any left now as I have made a good job of reducing their stock pile!!!!
Hopefully see you next year,
Your Friends
Ian and Sue

Saratseno - (Bars in Tsilivi)

Ian A           

This place actually ruined what was actually a very good holiday, what a shame they have given the Greeks a bad name and have put us off returning to this Island, after careful thought though why should a little thing like this place put us off such an overall wonderful and friendly place so we will return but will avoid this place like the plague!
We actually went there to watch a football game after telling the bar staff we would be there to see the whole game yet at half time when I went to use the toilet where there was a queue and my wife went to make a phone call, probably a total of 5 mins on our return our drinks had gone, my wife hadn't even had a sip although admittedly I had almost finished mine. When I asked the staff they said simply you had left even though 4 of our group were still there, an apology was all we were looking for but didn't even get that so we left and went to a better bar opposite Popeyes, a wonderful restaurant by the way, where we were treated decently and were not too surprised to hear from two more guys that they had received the same treatment from Saratseno, come on guys get your act together, a simple sorry would have been nice!