Baccus Grill - (Restaurants in Kalamaki)

Hannah L  (21 September 2006)         

Well what can i say about this resturant other than its fantastic... Mario and his wife run it really well... Noticed his wife can speak more english than last year. anyway the cook Linda is a great person even tho she doesnt talk much english (gonna miss you loads Mama  Nothing much more i can say oter than you must go there its fantasic even tho they can be slow wen busy but its worth it!! trust me!!

See you next year Mario

Kalamaki - (Exchange Rates in Zante)

Hannah L           

Best exchange rate in Kalamaki is Caretta port Number 2... Was the best at 1.4650 at one stage it also reached 1.47... Merlis however neva changed from 1.43...would highly recomment here for exchanging

Hong Kong - (Restaurants in Kalamaki)

Hannah L  (21 September 2006)         

They were working on whats left... found out what happend...was competition from the one over the road so all the greeks are thinkin... mite be somethin new next year.

Zakynthos Airport - (Places to Visit in Zante)

Hannah L           

Ok people... yeah the airport is a bad place but ot do you expect from the Greeks?? Look how long it has taken to build the new terminal . Been going since Sept 2001 and it has improved and also gone down hill in many ways... the new arrivals is good but make sure u dont just stand waitin at one carousel... If a smoker hold on as once your through the doors as you car not allowed back through agen. the toilets on the otherside of passsport control arent the best and the stairs make you feel ill within the heat! i recommend you take food and drink to the airport with you the snack bar is a huge rip off!!

Anyway good luck to all you Zante goers...the bus ride from the plane to the termial has to be the best as the bus crunches up the hill. Have fun on ya hols. forget about the airport!! lol