Cherry Bay - (Bars in Laganas)


I agree with haze this place is a real dive and thats being nice to it! As for you ROY im not surprised you tell people to go to butlins bet your a gold member with them with a name like that!

G Spot - (Bars in Laganas)


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this bar was the mutts nutts really cool and played some good music.

the pr guy (cant remember his name!) was also really good and wasn't a total pain in the a**e like most of the others.
the barmaids were really friendly and were always on hand to get you a fresh drink and you could get a pint of diesel what a top class bar no messing.
definitely recommended

Akropolis Restaurant - (Restaurants in Laganas)


We stayed at the Mon Repo so it was literally over the road to the akropolis.  The food was excellent and you didn't get over-faced like in some places and the service was fairly quick (compared to some others) and the staff were excellent.  Definitely recommended.

Albatros - (Restaurants in Laganas)


We ate here a couple of times we were in zante in september and thought it was pretty good.  The service was good and friendly.   the chicken was a bit too burnt on one occasion though tasted like charcoal

Mr Dallas - (Restaurants in Laganas)


This was the best restaurant in laganas by far. The starters and mains were superb and good value for money.  The family that run Dallas were really friendly and welcoming and the service was good.  If you go to laganas you have to try this place

Olympic Flame - (Restaurants in Laganas)


We went here once and the food wasn't that good really in fact it was awful.  The service was ok.  We ordered lasagne and got some crazy seafood source on it!!! I'll try new things but jesus it was really minging

Robin Hood (old) - (Restaurants in Laganas)

Jay   (14 October 2005)         

Me and the girlfriend had breakfast here a couple of times and thought it was good basically like being in a cafe in england which is the idea i suppose!

Tasos Restaurant - (Restaurants in Laganas)


Me and my girlfriend went here for the greek dancing night and it was rubbish! it gave us dicky stomachs the next day ( it was the only time we were bad on holiday) and to top it all off i had to get up and dance!  total toss