Ponderosa - (Restaurants in Alykes)

Una G  (24 June 2005)         

We have been going to Alykes for 7 years and in June this year had the best food we have ever had in Greece. Wonderful food, good service only problem it is on the main road.

Apollo Restaurant - (Restaurants in Alykes)

Una G           

Always good food and friendly service. Lovely location at the quiet end of town and we have never been disappointed with our meal. Stuffed tomatoes are to die for and their "specials" often including Beef Stews with cheese toppings are wonderful.

Apollo - (Restaurants in Alykanas)

Una G  (24 June 2005)         

Very good food, Stifado & Kleftiko excellent. Waiters very friendly and remembered us especially Andreas!! The location is not as quiet as Apollo 1 in Alykes but the food is just as good. I would recommend you try this one.