Vezal - (Restaurants in Laganas)

Tracey R  (20 June 2005)         

The only good thing about this restaurant was seeing the turtles poke their heads out of the water! We have been to plenty of Greek Islands but the food here was tough & waiter staff too busy trying to get people in to eat than pay attention to clients they already have. I love tzaziki but the garlic was too much! 

Blue Sea - (Restaurants in Laganas)

Tracey R           

We were recommended this place by people at our hotel & was very pleased! The food was tender & moist & the tzaziki was the 2nd best all holiday!

Mr Dallas - (Restaurants in Laganas)

Tracey R           

Best food all holiday! What more can I say - Oh yes the service was so much better as it`s a family run business! They even come out to pick you up & take you home again as it`s a short distance away! If you don`t eat there you`ve missed out! My husband is a fussy eater & even he gave it top marks!

Sarakina - (Restaurants in Laganas)

Tracey R           

We were taken here as a group by a couple who go to Zante quite often. We had a lovely meal but missed the Greek floor show as there was a Greek Wedding which was a lovely sight. There is free transport to & from this restaurant too!