Ark Bar - (Bars in Tsilivi)

Claire B           

oh my god..............what a fantastic two weeks!!!! spent every night in the ark as george, nico, paul (bounce), rachel and paul know!!! that has to be my fave place. just kept me coming back night after night after night.........well actually well into the early morn!! cocktails by george and nico how many orgasms guys! sarah's crepes are the best and you know she always gives you service with a smile. thanks hun. steve can smile a bit more but maybe kirst and i overwhelmed him a bit.

dj bounce......what can i say? i wish you every happiness in the world. cheers for my flashdances.....and my cuppa rock! don't forget the m1 could you?

now we're back we are miserable. wanna be there with my new friends. rach, paul, kimmy and her mum looking forward to getting together to chat and laugh about the good times. miss you :-(

got pics done already..............some crackers!!!!

love and hugz

bear xxxxxxx

Summertime Bar - (Bars in Tsilivi)

Claire B           

Never got to try the Lemon Pork but the Chilli was Out of this World... on jackets, with rice or even chips... mmmmm
Peter should be on Masterchef!!!
At least he is where he the kitchen eh Maria??

I even think our family ate the bar out of apple pie which Peter often collected in his "BMW" which I almost got to drive.... yeah right!!!

Peter 30 - Patrick 18.... wasn't too bad a score after 2 weeks eh?
Better than the half way score of 24-6.... better luck to Patrick next time eh? ha ha ha

Thank you to Peter, Maria and Dimitri for such an enjoyable couple of weeks from Patrick and his family.

Dimitri, took your time coming out to the bar didn't ya?? Glad you did, was a fun evening and your friends are hilarious.

Maria, don't forget I need to raid your wardrobe on our next visit to Tsilivi.

Best wishes for the Winter guys and we will see you all next Season...

Kirsty and Claire, aka Thelma and Louise, foxy sexy chicks...ha ha.
Oh PS the Tia Maria glasses are going down a storm, not as good as Dimitris Tia Marias though!!

Ark Bar - (Bars in Tsilivi)

Claire B           

yeah baby

rach....well i never did eh?!?! that all over glow was of course sun stroke.... kirsty x

we have read some of the more recent comments with interest, cant people just enjoy the holiday and realise it is that a holiday!!!

"bear says" -- i want to be con-nect-ed... we love nico's singing, dancing and yeah, shakin tha' ass... and what a fine one at that.

still blue but work beckons us and yes we have been to the travel agents we didnt book yet, but we are skint and erm,.... thinking about it!!!

we gotta pump it up, dont you know pump it up!!! never ever gonna listen to that song again without the masses of great times embedded in our minds coming to the forefront.....

oh its so lonely having orgasms by yourself!!!!!!!!

bear and kirst xxxxx yammas babies