Maestro - (Restaurants in Agios Sostis)


Just got back from Zante and loved Maestro! Staff were really friendly and chatty! Didn't like the cats that wandered bout though as I don't like cats!
Thw White Mountain is a must as a dessert and the mini breakfast great too!
Thanks guys and you never know I may return!

Wild Rose Club - (Bars in Agios Sostis)


Loved the Wild Rose! In there most nights! Enjoyed entertainment and drinks!
Thanks to Tony and Mandy for making the holiday so good!
Oh and Sex Bomb (You know who you are!!!)
May return

OK Corrall - (Bars in Agios Sostis)


Great place to go for a quite couple of drinks or ten! Didn't get guys names but thanks!

Arkadianos Hotel - (Accommodation in Agios Sostis)

Kirsty   (06 August 2004)         

When I went I took euro travellers cheques. But that for ease of getting them changed to euros and not having to get change or coins.