Koralli - (Restaurants in Laganas)

Carina I           

Due to go to Zante again next week but certainly will not be returning here. Worst steak ever - thought i had been served a bit of someones shoe! And the peppercorn sauce was foul - smelt of excrament which was off-putting to say the least! Staff were rude when we complained but at least they didn't charge us for the food. I'm sure we must have just been unlucky otherwise they would have been shut down by now. Some people must've liked it - one couple said they ate there every night.

Giannis - (Restaurants in Laganas)

Carina I           

Went to this palce once after getting hassled by the bloke out the front and just thought it would shut him up. How wrong we were! Service was not bad at first - i think they were glad to have some customers. I had a jacket potato with tzatziki and my fiance had a burger. The jacket potato had obviously been cut in half, cooked a few days before and then reheated because it was really hard and the potato itselt was really dry and shiny, like it had been sitting around for days. The tzatziki was off - tasted of mouldy yoghurt and the salad that was served with it was dry. The tomatoes and cucumber had also obviously been cut and left out for days. My fiances burger - hmmm not sure what meat it was meant to be! Really bad. When we complained the waiter just shrugged his shoulders took the food away and brought us the bill. We refused to pay for what we hadn't eaten but they didn't seem to care. Bad food, bad service, bad attitude. Take our advice and go to the Greek Islands next door - the best place for lunch in Laganas.

The Isles Greek Restaurant - (Restaurants in Laganas)

Carina I           

Yet again fantastic - thanks guys for the great welcome. Can't believe you remembered us from two years ago! The best tzatziki and the best swordfish in greece without a doubt. And little Maria is as cute as ever - what a Daddy's girl! We will certainly be coming back to Laganas again and we know where our first stop will be.

Ionian Sea - (Restaurants in Laganas)

Carina I           

Can't believe what I'm hearing about this restaurant. Just got back from Laganas and ate here 3 times in a week. It had certainly improved from when we went here two years ago. The service is much better and the food was fantastic. Have the cheese pies for starter - superb. And the Ionian Sea spaghetti and the fillet steak with roquefort cheese are also highly recommended, even if they can't spell it. Really pleased they've improved so much. Before it was a lovely setting with average food, but now it is a lovely setting with great food. And give the waiters a break - there are the same ones all season and they have a nightmare when its so busy - they work hard for the crap wages.

Michaels Place - (Restaurants in Laganas)

Carina I  (24 October 2003)         

This restaurant is for people who want a typical bucket and spade holiday who want to eat exactly the same as at home. Burgers and chips, in fact everything with chips! But beware, don't ask for burger with chips cos they seem to think that "burger" means both anyway, and if you ask for burger and chips you'll get a burger and chips and chips! I dunno if they were taking the michael(!) or if they really thought that we wanted two portions of chips. Food was ok but wouldn't go back.

Olympic Flame - (Restaurants in Laganas)

Carina I           

Was pleasantly surprised with this restaurant after a few bad comments that we heard but decided to give it a go anyway. The camp bloke outside put you off a bit - he was a bit OTT but service inside was pretty good. The saganaki is not the best we've tried but it was ok. Portions of main course were huge - i couldn't finish the stroganoff even if it was very tasty - just needed a bit of brandy in the sauce. My fiance enjoyed his lamb chops, small but tasty. Overall pretty nice and worth a try.

Paradise - (Restaurants in Laganas)

Carina I           

We went to the one on the beach cos there are two. Service was good and waiters all friendly. Loved the little dog that sat with the boss. Nice stifado but too many onions. wouldn't recommend the house red though - go for a more expensive one if you want quality. Would go here again as it was good value.