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Emma J          10/10

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Heloo.. aww a pure miss it there already. Me and Kate are coming back in May  tho . Loookingg forward to seeing everyone again.. expecialy Endrite(a dunno how to spell ) lol and rikki

Here are some pics

Megan H          10/10

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge hey everyone at planet, just got back on monday from the best holiday ever. special hi to the girls sharon and shelly. hope ur boys are looking after u well. high five to endritt!!! u sexy beast hehehe. hey to ricky (why ur brother have white horse?) loved the comments u came out with and nick u slap like a 'care bear'.

miss u all so much hopefully will be back next year.
love megan and lisa  x x x

Christy E

planet was a gr8 bar 2 go 2! we loved it,really good,monkey boy? ahhhhh think we no him haha

Derek B          7/10

A nice relaxed atmosphere with the advantage of being able to sit outside until late.

We would recommend that everyone makes sure they experience a fart beer whilst visiting the Planet Bar!
A big hello to Monkey Boy (You know who you are!!)

Pete K          10/10

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Got back from planet on tuesday, had the best time ever! All the bar staff are awesome, especially Babis and Petros ! I would recommend this hotel and bar to anyone, the best place in Tsilivi by far. Will definately be going back next year.

Pete & Jen

Amy L          10/10

The planet pub is the best place to go, diggin the old footy shirts!And the sparklers!

hope everyone is well there, we had a great time, the guys behind the bar are brilliant
always a good night!
Scousers are very welcome
John and Amy

Kate           10/10

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Hey Guys,

I came over in May and had such a good time I've just booked for August too.... and I'll be staying at Planet this time!!  It really was an amazing week and hopefully the next one will be just as good!
I hope you all have a great summer and I'll see you in 12 weeks (ish)!!!
Kate xx 

Debra R          8/10

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Planet pub is great fun - have always had such a good time in there, Been to Tsilivi in 1999,2000,2001, and 2002 and haven't been back since then - hoping to get back this summer and see how much everything has changed!

Dj P

Dj Panos S. Again @ Planet Pub for the Summer of 2007...

Gemma and famley (deano) C           

 omg i have never had the best time in my life i loved it i was so sad when i came home my dad and brothers are comeing over soon and they will be mad i will worn you now lol rick we have pic of you me ashley deano and david we all miss you lost and we will be over soon  yer tell every1 i say hi yA SEE YA SOON LOV GEMMA XIXIXIX

Nick B           

click to enlarge Guys planet bar is the best bar in the worled. Nick and Shell are the greatetsb people your ever meet, last year o worked there and they really looked after me. ( besteest friends in the world). And ev en tho Ricky is a dodgy sleezbag he is pretty sound. I hope i get to see every one from planet soon. If you get to go on holiday to zante make sure youndont miss out on a trip to planet.

Lil Nick


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here are sum of r piks we had a brill time


hey guys jus got bak from zante 4 the 2nd time this year!it was soo gud me and kim had a great time!missin you all shell nik(bean pole) riky n sharon.hope to c u all soon.xxxxx

Kim T           

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Kim T           

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge  hi planet pub just to let you know that we are coming back next year yeah ha cant wait here are a few more pics see you soon kim and gang

Kim T           

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me and my family love it here we have been 3 times now and plan to go bk next year 2007. hi to babbis pedros sharon, shelly nick, josh and not forgeting ricky xxxx. hope to see you all next year, and babbis say a big hello to the bendovers if they come before the saesons over. and good luck to you and elana with your future wedding god bless lov you all. yammmmmmmas

Dj P           

Dj Panos Site >>>


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even moreeeee.


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more pics, the dog is the one that jumped in the pool, babis u werent very happy, sorry my bad.


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Hey everyone just came on here to add pictures you might want to see, hope everythings ok out there. Laila x

Mel T           

Planet was a beast! got home last tuesday n wanna b bk there wiv everyone!! Mitch, josh, kate n Pete miss ya'z all, ste dave n shiv say hi! Had an amazin week! x


Thanks for the name Steph, I agree with your comments of plant pub, I too want to go back  but can't.

Steph J           

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just got back frm zante about a week ago n i wanna go back!! if u go to tsilivi u have to go to planet for the wkd atmosphere, raving music, gorgeous drinks n sexy waiters..ricky n endrite(the guy in the pic u asked about) gd luck with everything nick and shelley, thanks for the drinks sexy barman, i'll be back!!

p.s sorry ricky we didn't come back, we fell asleep!!


Continuclick to enlargeed from last msg  . This is a pic of him  


Does any1 know the name of the youngest bar staff at Planet, he cant serve coz of his age (Bout 16). Hes quite tall and has dark hair

Kim Z           

OMG!! dis place woz pumpin everynite!!!!! i love it here the 2 behind the bar were wicked the best shots on the island n the waiters were class, dey tlkd 2 me even wen i woz slaughtered, which woz a lot. n wer all pretty fit. will def b bakc there nxt yr 4 more

Chantelle R           


jus a quick one cus i forget to post wen i got bk in may! haha
the barman from bristol ( ur gorgeous! )
n u best still b there in help u remeber a lil better u piked up me n my sister on ur first nite! haha see u soon darlin....oooo and all the others are gorgeous too!
love u all...missin ya

Rebecca T           

hi everyone, were two of the excellent babes that were there last week. had a fantastic time. cant wait to come back next year. love rebecca and sandra


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Had some great fun here. Apologies for wen we got too drunk  hehe. Great staff especially the lovely couple (sorry can't remember your names.) Ricky behave yourself and thanx guys for a great holiday!!!!. xxxx 

Stacey M           

Planet pub rules!!

i had the best time there!...i basically spent the last two weeks of my life sat in there...but it was the best two weeks of my life!!!
i came home yesterday......and miss everyone sooooo much! but hopefully ill be back next summer!!
the staff were amazing, especially nick!! "hey boss"...
aaaw love 'em all xxx

Rachael M           

oops!!!!!dont no why rating was average?? it should be Excellent !!!!!!!!!!!!

Rach xx

Rachael M           

Yassou Yassou!!!

Planet is the dogs, defo the best bar in tsilivi (and Babis is the best barman too)  - i loved it soooo much!
Hope u guys are all ok - missin you loads!!!!
See ya in sept!!!!!!
Rachael (chocoalte') xxx

Luisa H           

We only went here twice on the night time with having the little man with us but what a brilliant atmosphere! and i nearly fell over when the bar staff saw me in Mcdonalds and remembered my boyfriend as "newcastle". I would definately be visiting again next time a bit more often!

Drinks were really fantastic and very good and fast service! 

Sarah A           

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planet is the place to be...the bar staff are absolutly wicked especially babis and the sexy/grumpy waiter guy, well hes onl grumpy wen he cant get wat he wants! we will see u all in either august or september, missing u al already xxxxxx

lots of love the sexy engligh girls!!!


hi there to all at planet, hi josh as i think ur the only one thatd be a bit glad hear from me.

i stayed at planet in may the rooms are gorge n the bar staff r sound too.
we wud have drinks there most nights before we went out.
stayed in room 301 if ya member me!!!!
defo goin c*m back so beware!!
see you all soon i hope! xx xx

Lizzie J           

it was okay - the thing that put us off was that we got our cocktails, paid and were owed change which the bar person apparently let slip his mind, Now we always tip, and it isn't an issue, howeveer, we both felt that he wasn't going to mention the change and take it as his tip anyway...kind of put us off. Cocktails were good though

Andy C           

Top bar run by two brothers Babis and Pedros. This place is a must to visit, fab cocktails, great music,brill service.Ended up in here most evenings and was entertained by Babis, what a great bar man.All drinks at great prices,with slammers on the house, and open till dawn if you can stand the pace. Great for watching footy early in as well as got large screen tv"s.

Robbie W           

This was another very lively bar and a laugh, good music and everything i would recommend this bar to everyone!!!!!!

Kim Z

Hey is anyone going to be at planet pub this year between 31stjuly - 13th August? and has anyone been there yet this year - if so what is it like? - good or bad - barman etc Thanks Kim xxx P.S. email me if you would prefer

Dj P           

Dj Panos S. (Dj of Planet)
New Site At :

Kim Z

Where is it? going there in july/august and would love to visit the bar as it sounds wicked

Louise K           



 soooo sad to leave tsilivi because planet was fantastic, Mike the dj was so sexy he was Austrian i really miss it we got back to the hotel everymorning about 4am and were down by the pool at 8.30am!!! i love planet, i love Zante, cant wait to go back !! Mythos beer rocks!!

Luke S

Hello my names Luke - me and Martin had a few nights at ur bar, enjoyed it - rikki might remember me. I met a girl called Rose. I think she may of stayed in room 313? But any she leaves on Sunday 09th Oct - i really want to give her my number - rikki can u find her for me and tell her Luke wants to hear from her. My email is Thankyou for some good nights guys. Take care of yourselfs. Luke

Irish G           

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge We caming Back to see ya Dj Panagioti you the best dj we ever se ther at Planet Pub cos we caming Tsilivi 5 years now so you the best be ther pl next year to love you ........


If you go to Tsilivi you must go in here. Great atmosphere and music, very friendly staff, amazing cockails!!! what more could you want. stayed in the appartments here too, very clean, spacious and great value for money!! sad to be home, but will definetly be back next year!!


got back from zante two weeks ago had a brilliant time spent every night in planet so much fun even the cheesy music!! staff were all very f riendly!! wot happened to ricky y did he get fired? x

Kim T           

we had a fab time at planet staff all friendly babis, nick & shelly,lil nick and not forgetting ricky  

if you visit Tsilivi planet is a must once visited you will go back night after night. We cant wait to go back in oct only 4 wks to go . we were here july 2005.Appts at planet are good too.
d your comment here

Abbie R           

this place was amazing! had such a good time! everyone there was gorgeous and i loved them all!!

btw why was ricky fired!!!


i loved thius place it was amazin u were all so so loverly n btw ricky was fired tutut  

Laura J           

I loved it at the planet goin back next year and hope thatricky is still there!!!

Mike G           

A great selection of drinks at average prices, with really efficent and extremely friendly and helpful staff.  We've only just got back and being so late in the season I think the bar's lost a fair bit of its usual atmosphere but the music was great, and the bar showed all the cricket and footy.  Thanks alot guys

Marissa A           

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 THANK YOU SO MUCH ALL STAFF AT PLANET!!! U R THE FUKING TITS THE LOT OF YA!!! hello sexy bar man (babis), gd luk for the future evry 1! u made my second time in tsilivi better than the 1st so hpfly the 3rd wilol be even better!!

NICK & ROB only a few days till u come home cnt w8 to see ya both... hopefully u c this b4 u leave!  >-->rob.x 

me and tiff send all love!!!
THE TWO SEXY LADIES!!!!!!!!! MARISSA AND TIFF!!!!!!!!!!!! mwah we love you.x

 so sad b in back in england wish we was back there wiv u lot!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah H           

I only went to Planet on the last two nights of my holiday but if i had discovered the bar earlier on in my holiday i would have gone every night, the music was a bit old but it was a good change and all the classics came on which was good because they made every one smile and made everyone want to dance!! Definitely would recommend this bar to anyone who visits Tsilivi!! I will definitely be returning to this bar in the near future when I return to Tsilivi!!

Kelly S           

...tsilivi is an sooo good! it has some realy good bars and clubs, but planet definitely is the best! the staff are all realy friendly.. and give you free shots at the bar! hehe. i do kind of agree with the previous comment about the music not being great, there wasn't a problem with it but it got repetitive and he didnt have some of the classics. having said that, the rest of the place made up for it! after going there once we went there every night and i miss it and the staff loads..ricos bit p**vy tho! lol!

hoping to go back to zante and visit planet next year, missin it loadssssssss! xxx

Debbie B           

Ok I'm looking for some info.

Nick (little Nick as ppl seem to call him) is my little brother. Going out to visit him in Tsilivi in next couple of weeks and I would like some info please, I feel that I may get more from the girls!!?? Just so I can tease him when I get there?!?
Any gossip - I'm all ears
Debs :o)


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What an amazing place! oh my we had some laughs in there!amazin people....Nik n Riki hehe...Everyones ravin about Nik...n I dont blame ya guys...hes proper fit...!really want to go back now am missin everything so much!But planet pub is deffo the place to go out on  a nite!

Leanne A           

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We came planet the first couple of nights of out holiday, we thought it was gr8. Nick was proppa nice he was so good lookin, i think every girl tht i seen in there thought tht to. i got steaming one night thnx to babis everytym i had finished a drink i had a shot in front of me i didnt no wen to stop. In the end i thought the bar was my bed i fell asleep lol. Well just wanna say thnx for makin our holiday fun and missin ya Nick babe. Your a gr8 bar man Babis. Leanne and Kerryanne

Sarah S           

hi every 1!......... ecspecially nick!!! congrats 2 shelly n the other nick. hope u get gud use out mi eye shadow!! ........ coming bck nxt year 2 drink you dry !!!! thankyou to every 1 who made my holiday n al c u next year xxxxx.......... sarah xxxxx

Cas H           

hiya planet!! its cass ere!

just want say thanx 4 such a good time in de planet it was gr8!
nice 2 see nick and rikki aswell ; )  me and jess and janet lyked every min in dere such fun! love you all at planet xxxxx


pedros & babis!!!  i hate being home! you made our holiday so amazing!
congrats to shelly & nick on your engagment!!  hope you have fun together!
lil nick & rob, we love you loads, and can't wait to see you again! (nick, next time we see you make sure youv'e practised your welsh accent! because the one you were doing in planet was crap! haha!)
we spent nearly everynight in planet pub, and trust me it's amazing, it's worth going to if your staying in tsilivi!
big shout out to dj sniffer! your music is wicked, and thankfully by the time we had gotten there you had some new stuff, so we were never stuck for choice! thanks for playing our holiday songs 'summer of 69, summer jam & saturday night!' and your dancing is wicked! haha! hope to see everyone next year!
always left that place because of you pedros & all your free shots!
well, hope your all still there next year...
babis & pedros, remember out 2 amstel, have it ready next year!
lots of love, becca & emma (welshysssss!!!!!!)

Shelley O           

we had an excellent time at planet while we were in greece. sadly we have returned to rainly uk.

hello to the guys from c*mbria- ali i have the photo's of jimmy dancing if you want them? just let me know.
congratulations to nick and shelley on your engagement. does anyone know if ricky has managed to pull anyone yet? he does try his best!! 
planet is a good night out and worth visiting if you are staying in tsilivi!!

Caroline B           

I have to admit, Planet Pub was by no doubt the best bar in the resort. Me and my mates went there nearly every nite. The cocktails are amazing. You have to wait a while at the bar before you can order but that is only because the guys are absoluetely rushed off their feet. All in all a fantastic place to dance and get drunk, however don't ask the dj for any requests, he hardly has any music. We found out that he plays the same songs in roughly the same order every nite!

Katie N           

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The BEST BAR in Tslivi

"Big shout out to Babis, Ricky, Nik, and Shelly the fab staff at Planet!"
Once you get there you wont want to leave.
Youve got.........
The cocktails that will leave you slurping all night
The music that will give you dancing feet you never new you had
The free shots of Babis whhheeeyyy
The sexy waiter..............................Nik lol
and he even carrys on the party down at the beach

Missing you all already we'll be back we want jobs Babis!

Sharon C           

I'd go so far as to say that this is probably the best bar/club on the island, not just in Tsilivi. It's an absolute must as the staff are wonderful, the cocktails are mind blowing and the music will have you dancing all night. Don't bother going anywhere else as you are wasting your time! Cant wait to get back their soon!

Lee&jayne K           


Mystery S           

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Joanne L           

Definalty the liveliest bar in the town! Babis and Pedros keep you entertained all night and the music will have you dancing in your seats, or on the bar if your really lucky!! Make sure you sample the red WKD, its not available in this country and should be!

Bob P           

  Not a bad word to say Babis and Pedros run a fab place, great music great coctials great everything, best weekend away for ages, see you soon lads

Keith L           

  What a great bar, amust for everyone that goes to Tsilivi.Babis and Pedros are very slick and look after everyonr that goes, .Great cocktials great atmosphere dont miss out on this place..See you all in August for round two lads!!

Gill S           

This place was fantastic..the atmosphere..the staff ..everything about planet is great, its well worth a visit or two or MORE !!a big hello to Babis,Pedros, Nick , Shelley and everyone there.

Hopefully we will see you all again soon !!!
From   Malibu/sprite and Bud (Gill,Chad and Ashleigh xxxx)

Roy L           

hi can anyone supply with an email contact adress for planet
thank you

Robert H           

Babis/Pedros, what can we say, fantastic evenings of entertainment and the wife says there's no-one makes the cocktails like you lads.  Thanks for an amazing time, if any of the readers don't visit they're crazy!  Wonderful bar, great company always, can't wait to return in August.

Andrew C           

What can i say this place is a must to all visiting Tsilvi.Great bar in the evening with fab music run by two top guys Babis and Pedros.Outside bar has been changed for the better, keep up the good work lads, i will see you in June for a few days.

Terry D           

after 18yrs not a bad word hope you are all well see you 7th july 4 another 2 week party. 

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