Alykanas Beach

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Location: In the resort of Alykanas next to Alykes about 20km northwest of Zakynthos town

Getting There: Quite a distance from the other main resorts, you will probably combine a visit here with a tour of the island. The main road will take you through Katastari, although there is a more scenic route around the coast

Access: Several access points, most without any steps

Sunbeds: Yes, but large areas where you can lie on the sand away from the centre of the resort

Toilets: In the nearby bars and restaurants

Watersports: Yes, including boat trips to the Shipwreck and Blue Caves

Safe for Kids: Yes, the water remains very shallow along most of the beach.

Food & Drinks: Plenty of nearby bars and restaurants

Turtles: No

Seaweed: Not usually a problem

Sand or Pebbles: Fine sand

Car Parking: Easy to park except in the centre of the resort itself

Alykanas Taxis

Alykanas Taxis

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Alykanas Buses

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