Kalamaki Beach

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Location: In the resort of Kalamaki , a couple of kilometres from the airport and fairly close to both Argassi and Laganas

Getting There: Main roads leading from all the other resorts and Zakynthos town. You can walk along the beach from Laganas

Access: Three roads lead down to the beach, the one closest to the airport runway has no steps or steep ramps

Sunbeds: Yes, although they are limited in number and there are plenty of places where you can lie on the sand

Showers: Only in nearby hotels

Toilets: The marine park provide portaloo facilities otherwise you can use nearby hotels and restaurants

Watersports: No, only canoes and pedalos

Safe for Kids: Yes, the water remains shallow for a long way out

Food & Drinks: Only a couple of places directly on the beach, but there are others nearby

Turtles: Yes, turtles often come into the shallow water

Seaweed: It doesn't grow on the sandy bottom, but stormy weather can deposit a lot of weed on the beach

Sand or Pebbles: Fine sand

Car Parking: Usually easy to park close to the beach

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Kalamaki Taxis

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