Razis Erieta Studios - (Accommodation in Laganas)

Stu C          10/10

Mr Raz is sound and so is George, its really annoyed me since ive returned and read the idiots who left negative comments about this place its out of order and the comments are made by either brain dead yobs who have returned to the rooms at silly O'Clock in the morning and smashed the rooms up or stupid stubborn British Nobs who expect 5 star luxury for 2 star price. The rooms are clean and tidy and cleaned twice a week which they ask you to be out of the room by 9 'O Clock so they can do this. The location is spot on and about 2 mins walk away from the quieter (and better) road and 5 mins from the main road. The Pool and bar are fantastic and really relaxing and more like 3 star, they say if your in a hotel on the main road you wont sleep until early morning because of the blareing noise but Mr Raz's place is basically in the middle of a field the only thing that woke me up was a cow mooing.250 for 2 weeks if you take the flight price of that this place is a bargin , nice one Mr Raz,,,he even kissed my wife on the last day,,,,dood.

OO P.S Georges son isnt a devil child hes just a normal kid, but be warned he is a 2nd dan in Karate......

Amigos - (Bars in Laganas)

Stu C          10/10

Just returned,very cool bar we went there most night to listen to the live music most of the bars on the main strip are nightclub type this one (on the quieter strip) is more pub like with good live music,after midnight they turn the guitar amps off and just play acoustic guitar very very cool...........

Akropolis Restaurant - (Restaurants in Laganas)

Stu C          10/10

Probably the best restaurant in Lagana we had 3 meals here and everyone was bloody lovely its a couple of mins walk off the main street but well worth it as we found the restaurants on the main street were crap. If you stick to the beach front or the quieter strip or Akropolis you will be well happy.P.S. the fish in these places is fantastic if you like fish..............

Bocca BBQ - (Restaurants in Laganas)

Stu C          8/10

We had a meal here and had no problems, it does look like a footballers restaurant though but the food was quite nice and the street its on is where you find the better places, stay off the main street the ones there are crap.

Friends - (Bars in Laganas)

Stu C          10/10

The breakfasts here are the best we found, bloody lovely and the full english is massive, Bonanzas was nice but when we went back just for a drink the old fella was all grump because we didnt want food which is why we started going to freinds and im glad as the breakfasts are much better and they are freindly....

The Isles Greek Restaurant - (Restaurants in Laganas)

Stu C          10/10

A++ this is the type of place you dream of before you go away, right on the beach sunsets amazing food is amazing and they even give you plates to chuck at the greek dancer when he comes on and starts prancing round dancing over fire etc(starts at 9:30pm).
Recommend the Sea Bass yum yum