Dionisos - (Restaurants in Alykanas)

Richard C          10/10

we was on zante 2 years ago and are going back in 2 weeks time, we cant wait to get to dionysos, we ate there on no less than 7 ocasions the last time we was in zante  it was perfect, Everyone knows that resturants slip up from time to time its human nature but i think to tell people to stay away is absolutly bang out of order, my advice to anyone going to zante for the first time is just try it and make your own mind up. Dont listen to what people say everyone has their own taste and some people are just never happy with anything. Dionosys was fullevery time we went there so all those people cant be wrong can they?

Glass Bottomed Boat Trip - (Zante Excursions)

Richard C          7/10

we went on this boat a couple of years ago to see the turtles, it was ok its a case of hit and miss as the turtles only pop up when they wanna! my advice to anyone wanna to see the loggerheads is to rent a jetski on the beack at alykes/ alikanas my mate almost ran a turtle over they were that close to us. Well worth a go!


Water Village - (Places to Visit on Zante)

Richard C          10/10

the water vilage is awesome me and my mate enjoyed it more than our kids.lol But i wouldnt recommend buying ur tickets from the tour operators as some of them charge the earth. your better off goin to a local tour operator like dionosis or pelagos tours.

Heatwave Bar - (Bars in Alykes)

Richard C

hi neil! i remember you, your that big ginger kid who used to dance like chicken with no pants on! Hows tricks??? has trevor found a nice chap yet?