Plus Soda - (Bars in Kalamaki)

Sue R  (June 17, 2007)        10/10

Best bar in Kalmaki.  Very good cocktails and staff are very friendly.  Would recommend.

Won the quiz night on Friday - won a bottle of bourbon. 
Looking forward to my next trip.

Buon Amici - (Restaurants in Kalamaki)

Sue R          10/10

Was the best meal I had in Kalamaki.   Staff are great and the price is reasonable.  Shame I only visited only once.

Would recommend.

Zeros - (Bars in Laganas)

Sue R          9/10

Excellent bar - best one in Laganas. 

I enjoyed watching the bar men make all the cocktails, juggling with ice cubes and throwing bottles around.  Watching them set fire to the bar and and the fire show was excellent.
Only down fall is that it is more expensive for cocktails than most of the other bars, but still had a few good evenings there.
Excellent atmosphere with really good music.

Zakynthos Airport - (Places to Visit in Zante)

Sue R

the airport has got to be the worse one I have ever seen, the toilets are filthy, not enough seats, and the kiosk that sells the drinks is just so expensive.

Zante is such a lovely island, such a shame the airport is such a shambles.  Some serious money needs to be invested to make the airport bigger.

Zakynthos Airport - (Places to Visit in Zante)

Sue R

we did not do a package deal in June 2007 and we still had to queue outside the airport.  We did try to go straight to be told that we had to queue with the rest of the people who were on a package deal.