Daisy Apartments - (Accommodation in Kalamaki)

Natalie H           

heya bbz we are c*min back next year i cant wait, iv olny jst got bk frm a great 2 weeks i loved every bit of it!

i cant wait untill i come back next year to see every one on the 13th june 2006, andrea, denis- (got me dads cds lol), peter are fantastic and allway make you welcome!
i cant wait to see jannie, amy, alexi, harry and every 1 it was brill!!!
cya nexy yr and thanx for the brill time lv ya xx

Down Under - (Bars in Kalamaki)

Natalie H  (July 21, 2005)         

hiya andonis>> me sexy lil baby , nick, kim, george, u ok? missin ya all!!

Down Under - (Bars in Kalamaki)

Natalie H  (July 25, 2005)         

click to enlarge‚† h b b s jst like to say i miss you all and hiyaaa!!! to, andonis, kim, george, karl, gemma and the rest of the gang‚†they are all fantastic and allways make you laff

i cant wait untill i come back next year on 13th j n 2006 it is going to be brill!! hehe the day be for my birthday!!!
its fantastcic in down under i cant wait to see every1 in there, hope you are all ok i miss ya n wnt for get bout yas its impossible lol!!

click to enlarge

thats me<<< hehe if you want to talk 2 me my addy is xx_babe69_xx@hotmail.co.uk
who eva says that down under is s**t or crap ur boring or jst sad!! cuz its fcukin mint there i hate it when i have to leave,..... well one day i wont have to
all the lads there are brill, espesially andonis lol 'shake it bay shake it' "n" 'nattyyyyyy' i love it there!!
you have to watch out for the flying ce cubes u never know where there goin c*m next lol
love ayz love _b b 69_

Down Under - (Bars in Kalamaki)

Natalie T  (August 03, 2005)         

heya can any one name some songs they played in down under plz, if you can name some can u plz get bk to me on xx_babe69_xx@hotmail.co.uk pretty please

missin ya andonis, thank u for the great day 26th june babe love yaz all. missin every 1 in down under.

Down Under - (Bars in Kalamaki)

Natty L  (August 05, 2005)         

hiya to every one in down under im missin u millions!!! can any 1 name some songs in down under plz!!

Down Under - (Bars in Kalamaki)

Natty L  (August 05, 2005)         

heya babez!! what can i say erm.... i could say loads about down under but i would be here all day!!

it is the best bar in kalamaki, i have been here 11 times now i wll keeps going back and one day i wont have too hehe!! icant wait to go back it is fantastic, i could juat amagin my lil sexy babe andonis sayin ''shake it baby shake it'' and ''natty babe'' aww he is soo cute n fit aswell.

i hate it how people say that down under is crap and too lively... if you dont like bars lively why go in because you can cleary see that down under is a lively bar from out side, so if you dont like it dont go in the diss the bar after it is unfair!!

hello to kim, karl, gemma, andonis and every 1 who works there.

i cant wait to go back next year too see me babe andonis and thank u babe for sunday it was brill and ded good hunni love you millions and you keep ringin me andonis babe lol

missing you all espessal my babe hehe love you love natty xxxxxxx

Down Under - (Bars in Kalamaki)

Natty L (August 06, 2005)

heya please can some one help me to find out some names of the songs in down under that they ussialy play? if any one could that would be a big help! if you can my addy is xx_babe69_xx@hotmail.co.uk or if you would add some song on this website please thank you loads if any one will help love yaz love natalie xxxxx

Mermaids - (Restaurants in Kalamaki)

Natalie ;  (August 07, 2005)         

Heya every1 just like to say hello to every 1 that works in Mermaids, and the food and every thing in there is fantastic!!

The food there is great espessially BBQ spear ribs 'omg' they are so nice and soft and you get so mush meet on them! they are the best spear ribs i have ever had in my life!!
I cant wait to go back and have all those lovely meals they are the best in Kalamaki by miles!!
 Missing you all and the meals lol
and sheryle, gary, shirley, colin and sam sed hello!!

Tazies Menu - (Restaurants in Kalamaki)

Natalie ;           

tazes fastfood is brill the food is exelent and very cheap!! it makes sence really as it is nxt to down under so when you got the munchies all you have to do is order and she brings it round to you ~!~ mamma hehe ~!~ <<< she is kewl!!!

the food is brill in there and really cheap!! love yaz xx lv natty xxx
   hiya to amys mom
missin you all

Kalamaki Resort - (Resorts in Zante)

Natalie ;           

Kalamaki is the best place to visit in Greece as it is not to lively and is not rough!!

I love this place to bits i will never go a different place!! it is too good kalamaki..it is really friendly and i obviously know my way round and know most peple there and they are all fantastic!! you couldnt put a bad name too Kalamaki as it is brillant!
Missin every1!!

Down Under - (Bars in Kalamaki)

Natalie ;  (August 09, 2005)         

heyaz hunniz just like to say hello to every1 in down under. they are brillent and the bar is worth a try to go in hehe it is fantastic!

hope yaz are all ok and i miss you all and luv yaz too!!!

mi mum n dad are geting married on 10th june 2006 and we c*min bk on 13th june 2006 it is going to be the best time ever and it is my birthday the day after hehe

Down Under - (Bars in Kalamaki)

Natalie ;  (August 13, 2005)         

hiya babez!!! i cant wait to come back next year it is going to be buzzing as ussiall!!!

i am seriously missin every 1 frm greece dead bad espesially when.. alexi rings ya he dnt work in dwn under n andonis rings me he makes me think of every 1 dead bad n espesially him (andonis) wow he is nice!!! i dnt go a night with oiut going in down under omg it is the best var byy farrr!! mi addy is xx_babe69_xx@hotmail.co.uk if any 1 would like to add me n have a chat

http://spaces.msn.com/members/xxbabe69xx/ <<<<< that is my msn space if any one would like too see me or know wat im like!! love yaz love natalie xx