Costas Hotel - (Accommodation in Kalamaki)

June M

Hi there we hope to be staying at the Costas Apartments in Kalamaki a two bedroom. Do they have a seperate lounge? Or is it just the bedrooms and a small kitchen and are the balconies shared? Does anyone konw where the new waterpark is in Zante and is it a good one?

Thanks June

Elite Studios - (Accommodation in Laganas)

June M

Can anyone tell me if there is any car parking for the Elite Apartments or is there some suitable places nearby? Has the sea in front of the apartments got any fish swimming around? Thanks all.

Elite Studios - (Accommodation in Laganas)

June M

Can anyone help us please. We are booked at the Elite apartments this year. Does anyone know or has spotted in their travels the Adventure diving centre? I think it may be on the beach front to the left of the Elite as you look towards the apartments from the beach if so how far do you think it is. Does anyone know if the snorkelling is good in the sea beside the Elite apartments. Any bit of info would be fab. Many thanks. June

Horse Riding - (Zante Excursions)

June M           

 Just got back from  two week holiday to Laganas. Zante Horse Riding centre run by Natasha and Yiannis was recommended so we decided to go with them We are beginners although we have been horseriding before a few times on holiday. I took my daughters who are 11 and 12 with me as they had been on a two and a half hour trek in Turkey before and we had a great time. Yannis collected us in a pick up truck and took us to the stables he knew we were beginners. We were half way through our ride and for no reason the horseI was riding jumped upright and through me off I landed with a heavy thud on my bag onto a load of stones and boulders I knew I had really hurt  myself. Yannis told my eldest daughter to get off her horse she got her foot stuck in the stirrup and then fell onto some thorns she was upset. I was in pain and Yannis made me go and chase after my horse I was just thinking what a complete nightmare this has turned out to be. Ended up walking the horse back to the stables s I wouldnt get back on it again. I paid for my younger daughter which was 20 euro. 

He did ask if I was okay but the worst was to come ll my back was grazed and scratched and below my spine I couldnt even touch. I could not lay on my back for 5 days after two days I had an enormous black bruise. I guess I was lucky tht I hadnt broke my back. I will never go riding again. When I look back now I wish I had just told my other daughter to get off and walked home. I cant believe now that he let me run around after the horse when I was in pain.

I would not go on these horses if you are a beginner or a novice look what happened to me. Maybe I was just unlucky but be very careful. Better to be safe than sorry and spoil your holiday. Apart from this the holiday was fabulous.

June, Jaye and Laurie.



Keri Beach - (Beaches on Zante)

June M           

I absolutely love Keri beach. It was my favourite place so peaceful and pretty. The sand is a bit pebbly but my kids managed to build sandcastles. The water is lovely shallow for a distance and had warm currents running through. John and the girls went out snorkelling. Greek waters dont have a lot of marine life as the beaches are mainly sand in the sea. Theres the odd little fishes. There is a few tavernas, a couple of tourist shops. Keri has two parts one is where the boats are and the other more quieter end.

The view from the beach is gorgeous. You face straight onto turtle island and Keri is flanked by huge cliffs on both sides. Its a joy love it there. There is also a little storm drain river which runs to the see. It had bigger fish, turtles, (not obviously the giant loggerhead turtles) bright green frogs, giant dragonflys. Lots of wildlife. If you drive back through the villiage of Keri and up past the lighthouse restaurant to the road end you will arrive in a make shift car park the views from here are stunning and the sunset amazing definentely worth a visit.

Kerri I think would be apreciated by older people or younger families. I loved it there. We stayed in Laganas but drove round twice to spend some time at Keri I think its only about 12 KM from the top end of the Laganas strip. Enjoy!

Chicken/Pizza House - (Restaurants in Laganas)

June M           

Its correct what they say it isnt the same recipe as the KFC use in the UK. John wasnt impressed and the chicken was really really greasy so didnt go again. Normally he would have at least 5 KFCs (sad I know) in a 2 week stay so not recommended.

Water Village - (Places to Visit on Zante)

June M           

After a few attempts at locating the waterpark which is only about 10 mins from zakynthos town we had a really pleasant day there. It cost 54 euro for two adults and two kids. When we went  would say it was not even a quarter full so there was no que for any of the slides. They have a lazy river which was very relaxing. The kids loved all the slides. I didnt think the snack bar was expensive. My kids had chicken nuggets chips and a bit of salad with a drink for 5 euro which is only about 3.80 and it was proper chicken in the nuggets. I had a baked potato which wasnt that nice. I think 2 euro for a bottle of pop but if you are watching the pennies just make to with a large bottle of water.

Had a lovely day so would recommend although I wouldnt fancy going in peak season I like it nice and quietish. Enjoy.

Elite Studios - (Accommodation in Laganas)

June M           

We booked for the Elite apartments July 04 and 13 days before we flew I got a call to say that Manos were no longer offering the Elite for sale and I had to go to other acommodation. Whilst I was there I walked along the beach to the Elite the bar area and patio area are lovely the pool looks nice to. It faces onto the sea with cameo island to the left were pretty location. I cannot comment on the apartments themselves which are set a bit further back. I spoke to Maria the owner she was lovely and didnt have a clue why I wasnt allowed to go there as Manos have failed to inform her of any changes so whether or not they have been dropped remains to be seen.

Loved Laganas loved getting to see a turtle definentely going again and the apartments we moved to they were fab so it turned out okay in the end.


Sunshine Hotel - (Accommodation in Laganas)

June M           

The Sunshine apartments are fabulous. We got moved here two weeks before we went and we are so glad we did. They are fairly new so everything is white and airy. The rooms have air con and are double glazed and for Greece the bathrooms are really good. We had a quarter bath and shower and hot water most of the time. The pool are is excellent plenty of sunbeds and parasols. The food in the pool bar is very good value I always had spaghetti neopolitan for 4 euro a big plateful and delicious. Bowl of fries is only 1 euro 50 cents.

The location is very good. It takes 3 minutes tops to go accross the road from the Sunshine cut round the Dimitri apartments and follow the track to the left and you come out on the main strip beside Pizza Hut and KFC. Go to the right of the Sunshine and follow the road round say 3 mins also and your on the main section of Laganas beach. Its tucked away so you dont hear any noise on an evening from the bars on the strip. My kids who are 11 and 12 could saftely go down to the beach or onto the strip for a Hagan Daz ice cream (whilst light) and be back to the apartments in 15 mins. There is also a little mini shop next to the Sunshine for your brad, milk etc where prices are more or less the same as in the supermarket plus you will ladies be served by this gorgeous young Greek man you will know what I mean when you see him lovely! Very glad we got put in the Sunshine.

The owners Chris and Rita in which is very much a family business both speak very good English. run this hotel very efficiently. On our last day when our Manos rep failed to post our departure times Rita helped us enormously and if it wasnt for her we probably would have missed our flight. There is 24 hour reception and the whole place feels very safe and secure.

I can highly recommend the Sunshine aparthotel and I am sure if you are staying there you will have a great time. Try the bacon rolls for breakfast in reception area my kids say they are the best butties ever. The full English was lovely too.

Thanks again Rita and Chris hope too visit again.

June, Jaye, Laurie and John(the Grand Prix Diving man).



Merlis Car Hire - (Car Rental on Zante)

June M           

Many thanks Julie for the excellent and profesional service which we received from Merlis car rental.

We actually booked the car via e mail before we left the UK. Its so easy I e mailed Julie for prices she told me how much and what time the car would be delivered. As arranged she was there at 9.15am on the dot she showed us our car which was a 4 door Hyundai Accent which when we were in the UK John wasnt keen on having but he changed his mind in about 10 mins after driving.

He loved the Hyundai it had only done 9000 miles and was very easy to drive it had all the mod cons etc. The only fault he had was that it wasnt the greatest of pullers when driving up a mountain but hey how often will you drive up a mountain.

We paid Julie as arranged when she brought the car. She gave us a map of Zante and some info on places we may want to visit which was a nice touch. Hoping togo again To Laganas soon so will definentely be using Merlis cars again.

I can highly recommend Merlis for top quality service and top quality car. Go with the best.

Thanks again.

June, John, Jaye and Laurie (Scarborough)



Adventure Diving (Lithakia) - (Diving on Zante)

June M           

My partner John went for quite a few dives with Adventure diving and he loved it. John is Padi Advanced they took him to some great diving locations. Its run by a Dutch husband and wife team they speak good English and were very friendly and helpful. Myself and my two girls were invited to go on the boat also but I thought the girls may get bored but the offer is there.

John made good friends with the two young men who work for them he said he was made comfortable and relaxed as they werent in your face like a lot of diving centres are. He said he felt safe at all times. They also do try dives etc. He had been to the other centres on Laganas but chose these guys and loved it so much we will be going back next year and we very rarely go to the same place twice so it must be good.

John said he will leave more information whn he gets a chance. Adventure Diving is located on the beach turn right at the roundabout on the main strip and walk for about five mins along the beach and you are there you will probably see the boat in the sea.

Highly recommended for new people and experienced Divers of all levels. Friendly caring people.


June John Jaye and Laurie (Scarborough UK)

Sunshine Hotel - (Accommodation in Laganas)

June M

Hello Anne Yes the Sunshine Apartments are the ones in the Olympic and Manos Brochure. They are in a very good location. Our family visited in June this year we had a fab time staying there. They are very friendly Rita and Chris the owners. The pool is great and the food is good too. With regards to your suitcases it is a bit of a pain but not that bad when you see where you end up its worth the trek which is only about a 7 min 10 min max humping your case so dont worry about it. You can walk in about four mins without the case or you can be mega lazy and take a taxi. Enjoy your holiday. Oh as far as being safe going back to the apartments. To take a short cut from the strip you can cut down the side of Kentucky fried Chicken and Pizza Hut and its about 3 mins but its fairly dark going the beach way round also and personally speaking I wouldnt walk back alone at that time of night so be safe and take a taxi or get someone to walk you home if you can. I felt safe at all times when I was there but there was four of us. So save some extra Euros for a taxi they wont be dear only going round the corner. Have a fab holiday. Regards June. June