Harveys Bar - (Bars in Kalamaki)

Tony G  (June 27, 2003)         

Just got back, spent many a relaxing evening and into the early hours at Harvey's Bar chilling out after a hard day on the beach!
No karaoke, no deafening music just a warm welcome and a cold beer (and white wine and soda for the wife!)
Good luck to Dan, Sally and Harvey - Hope to be back soon.

Harveys Bar - (Bars in Kalamaki)

Tony G  (June 02, 2004)         

Hey Dan, hope all is well and you are having a good start to the new season.

Arrive Thursday 10th June. Will require substantial amounts of Bombardier, White Wine and Soda (with some Baileys as an alternative).

Tony and Cathy Griffiths

Harveys Bar - (Bars in Kalamaki)

Tony G  (June 29, 2004)         

We have just returned from our holiday and ........ Harveys Bar is no more. It is gone, Dan and Sally are gone.

In it's place is Faze Bar, another big screen video/Karaoke bar, nice - if you like that sort of rubbish!!

Dan, if you read this, we missed our chats and late night drinking and hope thigns turn out OK for you.

Roseland Hotel - (Accommodation in Kalamaki)

Tony G           

Just returned from holiday, this was our 4th visit to Kalamaki and our 4th stay at the Roseland. It was as good as ever and I am sure we will be coming here again.

Tony and Cathy Griffiths

Heavens Kitchen - (Restaurants in Kalamaki)

Tony G          1/10

This was our 8th visit to Kalamaki and was by far the worst restaurant experience we have ever had. I cannot comment on the quality of the food as we didn't get to eat any!

Our starters arrived after an hour and were wrong, the correct ones were brought followed immediately by our main courses, before we had a chance to eat the starters! The waiter wanted to take the starters away and leave our mains because "they were ready". After a brief discussion during which the waiters threatened to call the police, we left, paying for our water and wine only.  
The service and the staff's attitude was a disgrace. We will not be going back!

Select - (Restaurants in Kalamaki)

Tony G  (June 26, 2007)        10/10

Fantastic service, friendly staff and excellent food!

Nice relaxing atmosphere.
Try the swordfish - my wife says it's divine!

Oasis Bar - (Bars in Kalamaki)

Tony G          10/10

Oh no! Everybody has discovered this great chill out bar - went a few times and struggled to get a table a couple of nights!

Stay away - it's ours!