Petrino - (Restaurants in Kalamaki)

Nick L  (June 16, 2003)         

We liked it so much we went back a second time, and we were only there for one week !
The service was excellent. The waiter was extremly friendly and helpfull and was very happy to see us chose greek food. The prices were good compared with alot of the other resturants and the location was a nice walk from the main drag.

Do bring your Mosquito spray though, the buggers got me about three times !

As fot the free shot at the end - it tasted like cough candy mixture to me !

Lambros (old) - (Restaurants in Kalamaki)

Nick L  (June 16, 2003)         

We had our first meal here and was not too dissapointed (it was recommended by the helpful chap who spins you up to Caves bar).
Kleftico was superb and at a very good price. As for our starters - not so amazing. I would avoid the fried shrimp and chefs mushrooms.

The service was ok until they made it obvious that they wanted to kick us out to close up. Please can I have a dessert though ???.

Tazies Menu - (Restaurants in Kalamaki)

Nick L           

The only place still open to eat once we just arrived and had a good few jars to celebrate the survival of the tortures of the airport carosel !

Very friendly staff and where happy to chuck together a mini feast before closing up. Great location next to Down Under. A must for those boozy munchies in the early hours.

Buon Amici - (Restaurants in Kalamaki)

Nick L           

Hi Nicos !!!!
Like I promised - heres my honest good comments !!!

First of all the location is great. When the suns been beating down all day and you need a bit of a cooling breeze, this is the place to eat as its located on a large clean balcony on the first floor with good views over the main road.

We both opted for Nicos own made (white) wine which was complimetory to our meal. Like most things in life, you don,t expect much for free. BUT surprisingly, it was very nice. So good we went through two bottles !! Nicos makes his own wine both red and white. Worth giving it a go.

Both of us tried the pizza (try Marinera with Anchoves). Both pizzas were very good and were not shy on the cheese. The crust is superbly thin and makes the pizza.

It was a real shame that we ate in here the last night as we would have definatly have eaten here again.

Hope all go's well Nicos. I shall show off my T shirt in the gym !!!

Blue Caves and Shipwreck Cruise - (Zante Excursions)

Nick L           

After reading alot about the various bad things of the long crowded boat trips, we opted for a car ride too Porto Vromi to get a small boat to take us to the wreck/caves.
We arrived at the beautiful little harbour of Porto Vromi at about 12:30 (took us about 50 mins drive from Kalamaki). Had a cool drink in the cool shack and got the 13:00 little boat out to the Caves/ Wreck. The boat could probably only manage about 30 people. We were extemely lucky as there was only six of us !!!(a lot of space to spread out and sunbath).

As the boat is small, it takes you right up close to all the rock faces and little caves enroute to the wreck. The crew would stop off a while whilst we took lots of pictures etc. As we were hugging the rugged coast line, all we could see out in the deeper waters was the bigger ferry type cruisers rushing by what seemed to be on a mission. (it seemed the decks were overcrowded with refugees !!!!)

After checking out some of the smaller caves, we proceeded to the wreck. Again the crew stopped the boat for a while whilst we entered the cove for more 'Kodak moments'.

The small boat was then beached up on the shingle beach for an hour to play round the wreck and swim in the cool blue waters. It seemed that the timing was perfect as all the bigger boats had gone and there were only a few boats and people there.

As for the wreck (built in England i think), it has to be seen. You can actually get onboard and look around (WITH EXTREME CAUTION THOUGH). If you do dare it - check out the space in the aft section of the engine room - all very spooky.

After the cove we were taken back towards Porto Vromi via another cave. This time the crew backed the boat right in and stopped there for a swim/snorkel for 5/10 mins. Worth bringing your mask and snorkel.

The whole trip only takes 2 hours (30 mins there and back via caves/cliffs and an hour at the wreck. It only cost us 10 euros each.

An ideal trip if you want to keep away from the mass of people on the refugee ships and have a car, and ideal if you don,t want to spend all day in captivity.
The down side is that the crew speak very limited english and do not give running commentary.
As the boat does not have a bar, stock up with cold drinks from the shack.

Day trip to Kefalonia - (Zante Excursions)

Nick L           

As we were only there for 1 week, we did not have time to do the tour but did look into doing it yourself with a car.

First of all check with your hire car company as not all of them let you take the car off the island. The cost of the ferry was 20 euros each way for the car and 4 euros per person. If you are travelling in a group of 3 or more than this is certainly the way to go. Tickets can be bought in Zante town in the travel shop along the front.

If you do go by tour then get it through the travel shops in resort roads - much cheaper than your rep.

I believe the ferry leaves at about 0930 and returns 1730 ish !!!!

I will certainly do this next time i go to Zante.

Olympic Holidays - (Tour Operators in Zante)

Nick L           

Having travelled with a good few holiday companies and worked for Airtours, I know what the traveller has to face and also the Rep.Company has to deal with. Overall I think the whole holiday went smoothly.
Our Rep Naomi was professional, smart and seemed to have an interest in her job.
As for the car hire/selling of tours, I like a lot of others, know that to book these through the Rep is a rip off.........and so do they...I guess they are just doing thier job!!

Flying with Monarch was surprisingly good. We, unlike the rest of the outbound flights from Gatwick, left on time and even arrived home earlier than expected. Food onboard was good and more surprisingly, the cabin crew helpfull and polite !!!! (I guess they may well be reading these comments!).

Olympic's website is far better than most holiday companies and the prices are much cheaper.
I would certainly travel with Olympic again.
May your flame never go out !!!!

Suzuki Vitara (4x4) - (Hire Cars in Zante)

Nick L           

Economical, good gear ratio and fun to drive. Watch out on those hot soapy roads when the temperature rises. Can select 4 or 2 wheel drive on sepearate gear stick
Ours had a cd player in it - BONUS !!!

it cost us 150 Euros for 3 days from AUTO in Kalamaki.

Happy driving !

June - (Best Time to Visit)

Nick L           

Just came back yesterday and MAN WAS IT HOT !!!!!
Almost too hot. it got up too 45 degrees in the sun at one point. Not the typical weather for June I have been told.
If your just about to venture out to Zante, take a fan with you (you can hire them out there) or ask for a.c. rooms. Your gonna need it !!!

Keri Lighthouse - (Places to Visit in Zante)

Nick L           

The view from the restuarant from the top was great. Didn,t actually see the lighthouse though !
As for the restuarant by the cliff - DON'T bother. Crap food, lousy service with alot of attitude and bloody expensive. A real shame as it could be something special for a special occasion.
Not to forget the amount of huge big flying insects in your food, hair, drink........EVERYWHERE !!!!!

St Nicholas Beach - (Beaches in Zante)

Nick L           

Great beach and friendly staff. It is though VERY expensive. We had two jetski's out at 30 Euro's for 15 minutes.....and they time it with an atomic clock i think - not a second over !
to have two on a jetski it was 45 euros. Pedalo's were 10 for an hour. The use of two loungers and parasol was 8 for the day.

To their credit, I thought it was clean and tidy and the Jetskis are extremly powerful.

Down Under - (Bars in Kalamaki)

Nick L  (June 16, 2003)         

Probably the hotspot bar in Kalamaki for a bit of nightlife. Expensive booze after midnight though.
If your looking for load bars and nightlife your better off getting a taxi into Laganas.

Two Brothers Studios - (Accommodation in Kalamaki)

Nick L           

A much better place than the brochure said!
In all the 'Brothers' is a good location off the main road. BUT this does not mean that it is quiet !. As the weather was so hot, we had to have the balcony doors open at night and the amount of noise from dogs barking, cockerals going off from 0330, mopeds burning around and the birds......Bring some ear plugs !!
We stayed in the North/South facing apartments on the first floor. We could actually get a bit of breeze if we left our bathroom window open.
You can hire fans for 1.5 euros per day. You will need them. Alternatively, they have rooms with a.c. for an extra 5 euro. Having worked in hot countries I don,t usually have a problem with heat, but it has been extremely hot there for the past couple of weeks.

The pool area is nice and clean and enough sunbeds to go around for everybody. The Pool bar is good and don,t charge too much for their drinks and snacks. I would recommend their light breakfast. For 3.30 euros you get tea/coffee, orange juice, toast, eggs, bacon, beans.....BARGAIN !!

The only annoying thing about the apartments was the fact there was no shower curtain so water gets everywhere and beomes a major ice rink on the tiles! . They provide two small towels which are not adequate. I would bring with you extra towel with you to soak it up.

Also you may need to ask for toilet rolls as they don't replace empty ones !

I would certainly recommend this place for the friendlyness and accomodation and would certainly come back here if i was to return to Kalamaki.

Zakanthi - (Restaurants in Kalamaki)

Nick L           

Like everyone here, I agree that the prices at this restuarant are expensive, especially the wine. We paid 20 Euros for a half decent bottle of wine. We both had the lamb which was fantastic.

For something different in fantastic settings I would certainly reccommend it here. Certainly somewhere to impress a loved one or for a special occasion.

Look out for Nikki thier feline friend !

Kalamaki Resort - (Resorts in Zante)

Nick L           

Great place for both worlds and enough restuarants etc to keep the variety.
We spent a night in Laganos. It reminded me of the tv programs Ibiza Uncut !!! Great if your 18 (Lads-get yourselves into Laganos if your looking for ladies- There was about 8 girls to men there!!).

Kalamaki Resort - (Resorts in Zante)

Nick L           

Yes, there was two cash machines. I only used it once on a Sunday morning and it still paid out after being heavily used since it was probably filled up on Friday.
If you want to exchange cash - do it in Zante, you will get better rates there than the UK.

Cave Bar - (Bars in Kalamaki)

Nick L           

Certainly a class above the rest of the bars in Kalamaki. The guy who runs the joint is a real cool old boy......lock up your ladies fellas!!!

Great to get the castle top area for yourselves for a romantic time under the moon light!!

Zakynthos Airport - (Places to Visit in Zante)

Nick L           

Its true what they say here in all respects - ESPECIALLY being ripped off. If you do get hungry or thirsty don't buy anything in the little bar and go and buy some nuts/crisps and 6 cans of Mythos beer from the Duty Free Shop---much much cheaper.
What I did think was funny was the 'Comments & Complaints' letter box on the right hand side of the stairs going up to the Duty Free shop - You will need extra long arms to reach it.....mmmmmmmm very cunning !!!