Horse Riding

Things To Do in Zante

Emma K

I'm going to laganas in June and would love to know of any riding stables, cost etc cheers, Emma

Rebecca L           

Thanks Karen,your a star!are you going again this year,i hope you are,you can come with us if u like,the more the merrier

Carol H           

has anyone got an e-mail address for nana's and what is it like for novice riders aged 11 thanks amy hirst

Steve M           

great value nice and easy ride thru outskirts of village horses need coaxing to keep moving

Karen H           

Hi Rebecca i went riding at nanas about 2yrs ago and it cost me about £9:00 so it has probably changed since then. I vaguely remember them being not far from the airport Kalamaki side but they actually picked me up from the apartment where i stayed my mates been recently so i'll ask her for more exact locations if u like speak to you soon Karen

Rebecca L

Ive seen this riding school advertized on posters accross Laganas but i couldnt find it,can someone please give me directions and id like to know how much they charge

Karen H           

This is a must for any horse lover or not!! Great fun and the horses were well looked after, otherwise I wouldn't have bothered. Doesn't matter what you wear but the 2hr ride is a killer if your not experienced!!!!!. Fantastic riding on the beach & in the sea to cool things off !!!!!.