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Location: About 5km northwest of Zakynthos town
Getting There: Road routes can be difficult to follow as there is no direct main road. There is an hourly bus service to Zakynthos town
Access: Several access points leading direct onto the beach with no steps
Sunbeds: Yes plenty. Half the beach is packed with sunbeds, but the other half has room to lie on the sand
Showers: Yes
Toilets: In beachside bars and restaurants
Watersports: Yes
Safe for Kids: Yes, the water remains shallow for a long way out. The main danger is from water sports activities, but these are only allowed quite a distance away from the beach.
Food & Drinks: Most of the beach has bars and restaurants nearby
Turtles: No
Seaweed: Not usually a problem
Sand or Pebbles: Fine sand
Car Parking: It's usually possible to park quite close to the beach

Zakynthos Beaches:
Tsilivi Beach
(Beach in Tsilivi)
10/10 Andy H
click to enlargeclick to enlargeAmazing beach wonderful beach bars and friendly staff. Felt at ease on beach even topless.
View 2 posts by Andy H ip -
 Malcolm R
click to enlargeclick to enlarge  Jennifer  Alder - you'll  love  it - Just  returned  from  the  Daisy  Studios  around  the  corner  from  the  Zante  Star.  Your  around  5mins  stroll  from  the  beach  and  a  10min  walk  fom  the  town  centre. Plenty  of  boat  trips  to  be  done,  one  leaves  from  the  'harbour'  in Tsilivi  itself  twice  per  day  and  is  40euros  pp.  The  blokes  got  a   stall  there  full  of  info  and  its  the  opposite  end  of  the  beach.  For  the  laugh  of  the  holiday,  go  to  the  Two  Brothers  Bars [find Popeys Resteruant, go up the hill  and  keep  going] for  music and home made entertainment, including regular visits from Elvis Presley [not joking] Great  meals from Benikos  and the  Olive Garden   [Daisy Studios and just keep going]  Planet Pub has a nightclub atmosphere, Freddies  Beach  bar, Menir Resteraunt  all  recommended. Been  to  Tsilivi  5  occasions  in  6  years  and  recommend  it  for  its  friendliness,  great  food,  plenty  of  shops  and  plenty  of  things  to  do - without  being  mental....enjoy
View 2 posts by Malcolm R ip - GB
8/10 Laura W
Though the beaches are still very clean ,some parts are difficult to walk through ,lots of rocks and sand bags ,but generally stilll very nice sea very very rocky when you walk in best to wear some sort of shoes ,though past lifetime beach bar the sea get clearer
View 34 posts by Laura W ip - GB
9/10 Mr B
click to enlarge A lovely, relaxing beach, with no idiots kicking footballs all over you while you're sunbathing. Try the wide range of watersports. Ilias and Emilio will look after your needs. 
View 49 posts by Mr B ip - GB
9/10 Joe D
jet ski's are mintt ! very very fun ! mintt staff as well !  
1 post by Joe D ip - GB
 Jennifer A

Have booked today for Tsilivi and found this website which could be really helpful as we have never been to Zante before. It sounded just what we were looking for so we just went for it! We are booked into the Zante Star Hotel for two weeks from 16/09/2010 so any info would be great please. I must say so far all the comments have been positive. We usually go to Kos and stay in kefalos which we really liked but as Olympic no longer fly from Birmingham to Kos it was time for a change. We are three 'ladies' who like local wine,sun,sea,sand and boat trips if available and of course a good laugh. So will we like it there?

1 post by Jennifer A ip - GB
10/10 Richard L
click to enlargeclick to enlarge
Tsilivi watersports is fantastic!
This was the first time we have been to Tsilivi watersports and we will definately be coming back again next year so get the Crazy UFO ready!!
1 post by Richard L ip - GB
8/10 Annie I
Without doubt this is the best beach on the Island. The water is shallow for quite a way, which makes it safe for children. Some of the beach is a but pebbly so if you have sensitive feet then beach/snorkling shoes are a good investment. The water is fairly warm and is safe from jelly fish and other nasty creatures. There are plenty of places to buy a drink or get a snack from and there are people walking up and down the beach selling cds, snacks and massages but they don't bother you which is good. The beach offers a good selection of watersports, which are a bit pricey. For 30 euros yiu only get 10 mins on a jetski for example. A canoe is 10 euros for an hour. There are some nice hotels a little further along the beach and you can hire sunbeds for 4 euros a day-this includes a table with an umbrella and 2 sunloungers-my boyfriend and I bought out own umbrella for 6 euros and lilos which we took home with us. 
View 7 posts by Annie I ip - GB
8/10 Mr B
click to enlargeclick to enlarge

Just back from two weeks in Tsilivi, and spent most days on the lovely beach. It's quite a long, narrow beach, but very comfortable.

Unlike Laganas, there's no ghettoblasters pounding all day, or young guys kicking balls in your face while you're trying to sunbathe.
The sea is nice and shallow for quite a distance out, with only a small amount of pebbles to encounter as you wade in.
Tsilivi Watersports offer plenty activities for the more active holidaymaker - pedallos, Crazy Shark, Banana, Canoes, Para-sailing etc.
Sunloungers are mainly 6 euros for two.
You'll find the usual cd/dvd sellers, but they tend to accept a polite 'no thank-you' more readily than they do in Laganas.
There's a live webcam on the 'gozakynthos' website, so check the beach online for yourselves.
View 49 posts by Mr B ip - GB
 Laura W
Hi been to Tsilivi 5 times in july and september in fact we where there last july beach not over crowded in fact very quiet at times the whole resort quiet last year.
View 34 posts by Laura W ip - GB
 Abi L
Hii Guys
I'm off to Tsilivi in 12 days.. so excited!! I was just wondering if it is true that during peak season the beach is often so full to the point where there is no space? I've found this to be the case on many sites but my boyfriend and his friends are determined on playing football on the beach. Will it be possible for them to do so?
1 post by Abi L ip - GB
7/10 Jim D

The beach needs to be cleaned a lot more, over the years it has been getting worse, litter, cig ends, etc.

View 50 posts by Jim D ip - GB
10/10 Ian R

I have been going to the island and used the watersports in tsilivi for around about 15yrs now, what can i say.

Tsilivi watersports the professional team for your watersport needs! With these guys safety is a priority! The team: Kostas the big boss, Ilias,Owen(Lazarakis) and Emilio, oh, and not forgetting Max the dog! They always have time for you even when busy and will always make you feel welcome. So I say give them a try!
1 post by Ian R ip - GB
9/10 Paul W
We have just returned from two realy fab weeks,apart from finding out the travel firm xl had gone bust  saw it on tv when we were having breakfast,had a juicy lucy time,  will be back
View 2 posts by Paul W ip - GB
10/10 Ken A
click to enlargeclick to enlarge

2 Weeks in Tsilivi, staying at the Alamis just up the road and went to Tsilivi Watersports a few times!!

Had a go on the Jetski's, the Parasailing, the Rings and the Banana Boat....was really good fun everytime and the guys that run it are a good laugh.
Also went to Denis's bar which is a must (to get your pictures) and also for some good cocktails.
Will definitily be going back to see them again next time we're in Zante (next year)!!
Thank guys, from Ken & Lee Alder.
View 6 posts by Ken A ip - GB
8/10 Sarah-louise N
 The beach isn't as big as it once was. There are a lot of stones just near the waters edge this year making getting into the sea quite difficult.
Near to the Tsilivi Beach Hotel part of the beach is washed away, making it difficult to access the quieter end of the resort. Take care of the overhanging olive tree if heading this way (especially at night!)
The amount of sunloungers is ever increasing but there are still some areas where you can place your own towels or play beach games.
Although still a nice beach it could be improved if people took there own rubbish/cigarette dumps with them at the end of the day!
View 3 posts by Sarah-louise N ip - GB
 Becky T

Heyy (:

i went to tsilivi like 2 weeks like last week nd had a great time :D
went to owen's beach pretty much every day, went on  the jet skis 3 times & it was amazing
cant wait to go back to tsilivi to see all you guys at tsilivi watersports.
email me back to
and if were back in zante i'll email you!
YIAMAS malaka :D
Becky & Emma [Leeds Lasses (: ]
we'll send some pics when we get them on the computer.
& yes i just copied my sisters comment basically.
1 post by Becky T ip - GB
click to enlarge

This beach is lovely, the sea is very warm like a bath. There are some chracters who work along the beach. The dvd sellers etc can get annoying, and the people who offer massages. The best beach worker is the fruit salad man! " Fresh fruit salad!"...Juicy Lucy, Monica Belucci", "Fandabidozi"

View 6 posts by Aimee ip - GB
 Uzri R
click to enlarge

 nice place.

1 post by Uzri R ip - GB
10/10 Emma T

heyy guyss

got home last night from tsilivi, stayed in alamis for 2 weeks and visited owen's beach everyday in the last week, did jet skiing three times and loved it. can't wait to come back to tsilivi and vist all you guys down at the watersports.
Or we'll come back tomorrow and stay in the watersports shack
and if were back in zante i'll email you
see you guys sometime in the future.
Emma & Beckyy (Leeds Lasses)
we'll add some pictures when we put them on the computer
1 post by Emma T ip - GB
9/10 Sharon K

Just returned from our 5th visit  and the beach had changed quite a bit, the rock pools near the harbour have disapeared & also a small part of the beach near the watersports has been washed away. Still love it, still child friendly & will go back for my 6th visit    We didn't find the DVD  or other sellers a pain just say no thank you & they go away.

View 11 posts by Sharon K ip - GB
8/10 Andy W

DVD, Sunglasses, jewellery, fishing rods, sun hats, sod me it was like being at a car boot sale, only you tend not to be pestered every day.......and those deaf mutes that dump their garbage on the table when you are about to eat or drink.......PLEASE..... just have a day off.....

View 9 posts by Andy W ip - GB
10/10 Krystle J

loved tsilivi, what a great resort, great beach, great people!!! dont know why people always b***h about the dvd guys.. not once did they pester us or people around us if you said no they would simply walk away and wouldnt bother you again!!!

View 21 posts by Krystle J ip - GB
10/10 Jo O

1st time in Tsilivi and loved it!!The view from Freddies beach bar....Superb!Wonderful place,Wonderful people.The first of many trips to this lovely island.Jo and Rich Owen.xx

View 6 posts by Jo O ip - GB
10/10 Dani N

Back in the UK 2 days from 16 glorius days in Tsilivi, already booked next trip for October this year... only 16 weeks to go, can't wait. One of the best things about tsilivi is the beautiful beach. Clean, warm clear sea and plenty of space. Would reccomend it to anyone

View 3 posts by Dani N ip - GB
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