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St Nicholas

Location: At the end of the Vassilikos Peninsular
Getting There: Follow the main road from Argassi. Go through the town of Vassilikos and shortly after you will see huge signs directing you down the access road to the left. You can't miss it!
Access: The whole site around the beach is fairly flat with good pathways
Sunbeds: Yes, lots of them
Toilets: Yes
Watersports: Yes, of wide range of watersports available including jet ski rental and scuba-diving
Safe for Kids: Yes
Food & Drinks: Yes, bars serving food right next to the beach
Turtles: No
Seaweed: Not a problem
Sand or Pebbles: Fine sand
Car Parking: There is a huge carpark next to the beach complex

Zakynthos Beaches:
St Nicholas Beach
(Beach in Vassilikos)
 Puny U

me and the ladz went to de beach and rattled sum poonani all day

whilst we were en route here, there was sum cool chants getting belted out about my vest and toms

1 post by Puny U ip - GB
8/10 Andy S

Returned to St Nicholas Beach for the first time in 9 years, wow! what a difference!  Still a great beach with perfect sand and warm turqoise sea but just a bit busier.  The dive centre bar is still going strong, but the addition of some very expensive looking, big hotels means its now a perfect place to pose if you have the money, style and figure!!! Never mind, I suppose it was too good a beach to remain quiet and understated.

View 5 posts by Andy S ip - GB
9/10 Kieron G

i absoulutely loved st nicholas beach!

it was so hot, i went under the parasol for 5 minutes but i didnt reilise that my legs were sticking out and i got second degree burns on my legs, but apart from that it was mint!!
View 2 posts by Kieron G ip - GB
10/10 Anita O
click to enlargeclick to enlarge

My friends and i went to Zante in October and i had never dived before but my friend had, we asked about booking through Thomas Cook but they wanted 55E but that did not include the transport. We booked through a guy called Colin at the 'Heaven' bar in Alykanas and for 55E he picked us up and took us down to St Nicks Beach where i had the most fabulous first dive ever! I was very nervous but the instructor, John May, made me feel at ease and talked me through all the safety talks etc and i loved it! I would recommend St Nicks Diving School to anyone wanting to try diving for the first time! Fab!! :-) 

1 post by Anita O ip - GB
10/10 Lee M

 Thanks to all at St Nic's Diving Centre, I thoroughly enjoyed the two weeks diving with you, you certainly made my holiday and made me feel very welcome.

Will definately be back next year...if John and Jodie gives me a bed to sleep in!!! Hope you all have a good rest over winter!!
Look forward to returning soon.
1 post by Lee M ip - GB
10/10 Sarah S
I visited St Nicholas last week to go scuba diving - had a great day. Thanks again to 'Tall' Mike and Maria who were both great, friendly and very professional. Thanks to Mike for the great underwater pictures!
Would definately recommend a visit to the beach, which is lovely and the free bus is a bonus. Food at the snack bar is good and the view from the top of the cliffs next to the chapel is fantastic. Watersports looked great fun if you're feeling brave and I would highly recommend diving!! 
Will definaltely visit St Nic's again on my next visit to Zante.Smile
View 2 posts by Sarah S ip - GB
8/10 Ashleigh

we went to st niks got the free bus from the avalon in Argassi we did paragliding was great, only you don't get long tho... the food was nice at the beach bar and the sand and water are perfect!!

View 8 posts by Ashleigh ip - GB
 Elena M
click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge my friends in ammos beach bar an our names on the sand in st.nicolas
1 post by Elena M ip - Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of
10/10 Louise H
click to enlargeclick to enlarge

WOW St Nics beach is fantastic!!!!!

We got the free bus down there from the Avalon Bar though you have to pay for a sunbed to get a ticket back on the bus which is 4 euros. Bus leaves at half 10and comes back at 5. went to argassi for 2 weeks and we visited st nics in our 1st week but it was cold and a bit rainy and so we thought we'd come back the next week. What a fab idea that was. We took money for the watersports too! weather was glorious.
We paid 170 euros for 2people  for paragliding, jet skis, ringos, banana, sofa, and fly fish. Absolutely amazing, best day of the holiday. The watersports guys are fab!
The sea is clear and stunning and the little fish swim at your feet  they dont bite! The sand is soft and golden.
Best day of the holiday on with the watersports lasting throughout the day on the beach! fantastic!
View 32 posts by Louise H ip - GB
  Simon M


top beach by far, we went by car and it was bout 15 min drive from argassi. clean and well run beach. good quality sun beds too. we stayed all day and enjoyed it.
At side of beach you will see an old church and a greek flag on top of a hill, go climb upto it and take in the views and the interesting sea ponds that have filled on top of the rocks lower down from the flag. we sat up tere for ages watching the sea, a word of warning you will get wet in some places when the sea on the opposite side to st nicks beach hits the rocks.
5-19th october 2006
View 19 posts by Simon M ip - GB
  John G

Excellent beach and great watersports and diving, food in the snack bar is ok. Free bus is paid for by your sunbed at the beach. Went a few times, get your photo taken while doing water sports.

ended up fitting dvd drive to computer for the guys down there
see ya all soon
View 10 posts by John G ip - GB
  Tracey W
For gods sake, leave the poor girl alone!  Not only does she work alone, she goes beyond her job! I was there for a week every day and watched her work her backside off without taking a break. She not only does a great job in the bar but she helps numerous people every day with their questions and giving instructions and going out of her way to help people. She is always friendly and polite and not appreciated by people. I couldnt believe how rude people were to her!!!!!! Amanda - thanks for a great holiday and will see you next year!!! You made it great!!!!! 
1 post by Tracey W ip - Greece
  Ellen B
click to enlargeThis was the second time me and my boyfriend visited this beach, we were so impressed the first time we had to go back! The watersports here are fantastic and so much fun, but be prepared and take plenty of money as its a long way back to the hotels if you dont bring enough and cant do everything you want to! I recomend the Jet Skis!! The beach is very clean and the sea is chrystal clear. It has everthing you need for a great day. If your reading this and havnt been yet the comment below is correct. The cafe / resturant at the right hand side of the beach up the steps is much CHEAPER, less wasps and less bar staff that look loke they have eaten one! Have fun!!!!
View 2 posts by Ellen B ip - GB
  Amanda W
I apologise if you found me not to your liking.  I work on my own in this very busy beach bar and sometimes i have to ask customers to hang on a minute for me.  I not only serve all the customers by myself, but also handle the visting boats drinks and the different group's free bars that we run.  One person can only do so much and if i seem fratchy, its nothing against any of the customers.It just means that i am extremely busy and unable to give the service i want to and normally provide which frustrates me. I try and help everyone that comes up to me and sometimes it is just impossible to do ten things at once but i am a very courteous person who takes pride in her fantastic job.  Thanks for your custom and hope to see you again next year.   
1 post by Amanda W ip - Greece
  Laura B

I used to be a rep in Zante and this was my favourite beach because it was so relaxed and in a lovely place.  The beach itself is still great and loads of watersports to choose from.  There were literally hundreds of wasps which bugged me a bit but I think that's from everyone leaving drinks lying around etc.

The only thing that disappointed me was the barmaid, Mandy, as detailed in some other people's comments she is SO RUDE.  When you go to the bar you expect a smile and some friendly banter which is what most of the bars in Zante provide.  When one of my group said "Excuse me what bottled beers do you sell" her response was "Can you not see I am busy? And my name is not excuse me."  If I hadn't had a headache from being in the sun all day I would have given her a piece of my mind.  I can see that she has commented below and I would be interested to see what excuse she gives for this awful level of service. 
I go to Zante regularly and I love St Nicholas beach but I would recommend walking to the other bar/restaurant at the opposite end of the beach, up some steps, where the staff are friendly and warm towards paying customers - something that this bar clearly lacks.
I would also like to point out that the staff at the snack bar are very nice and friendly, but it is slightly overpriced
View 9 posts by Laura B ip - GB

 I apologise if you found the service not to your liking. Our policy is to send people to the right of the snack bar where the public telephone is located which is what I do about 20 times a day. I also add to this to ask the girls in the snack bar for any further help needed.  As you are aware, we are a very busy beach bar and I, personally try to help everyone that comes up to me. We are a very good team here and serve and help many people every day. Please feel free to view previous comments and pictures about me and the staff at the beach. I hope you enjoyed your stay in Zante.

1 post by A ip - Greece
  Ash B

Excellent beach and views. Loads of watersports and diving. The only let down for us was the barmaid that is on the picture on the left below, called mandy i think. She was very rude to us although we were really nice to her, dont know if she was having a bad day but for whatever reason she was rude to me and my boyfriend.We also spent loads of money in the bar/cafe so you would think she would be at least curtious to us. We spent the day there and spent alot of money in the bar and when we asked her where we could get a taxi from she ignored us so we asked her again and she shook her head at us and said ask at the food bar if there is anyone still there. We only wanted to know where we could get a taxi from we would have walked back to laganas if we would have known it would have been so much trouble. Anyway apart from that lovely place, nice food, shame about the service.

View 10 posts by Ash B ip - --
  Sharon O
Fabulous beach,buy yr own snorkelling kit about 6 euros and check out the fish!

Great watersports, lovely water and sand, meals cheap atthe bar too! Free bus from Avalon bar in argassi at 10-30 n morning brings you back at 5 from the beach. 4 euros each for sunbeds tho.
View 9 posts by Sharon O ip - GB
  Tracey C
click to enlargeWhat a lovely beach - picture postcard perfect!  I spent my entire two weeks here it was so nice!  The owners of the Hotel and Beach Bar run a courtesy bus from two or three pick-up points in Laganas, Argassi and Kalamaki to St Nick's - it cost's you the price of hiring your sunbed (10 Euros for two beds n a parasol) but remember to keep your ticket!!  There's plenty of water sports for the more energetic and the snack bar serves delicious food.
click to enlarge
The barmaid at the beach bar, Manda (on the left) looks after you very well too - she has lived out there for 4 years now and knows all the best places to visit for wonderful views and also all the best places to eat (Ethnic was my favourite in Argassi, especially the Jalepeno Poppers!!)
View 2 posts by Tracey C ip - GB
  Caroline B
     this beach was lovely. even though we all burnt our feet walking down to the sea. all the staff were friendly . the food and drink was good. the  parasol were good for keeping some of the sun of us.
  caroline ,zoe and natalie xx
  14/7/05 - 21/7/05
View 4 posts by Caroline B ip - GB
  Lisa A

Free bus to here leaves 10.30 from Argassi, but sometimes any time between 10 and 11!!!  Lovely beach and palm sunshades for those who don't want to be in the sun all day!! Beach bar great food and music, nothing else much around, apart from some Emus whilst waiting for bus to return!!

View 3 posts by Lisa A ip - GB
Were in Zante in September with 3 friens.
Drove to St Nicholas beach one day and liked it
very much. It was such a nice beach, and there were plenty of watersports! So if you go to Zante you have to go to st nicholas!
View 7 posts by Fannie ip - Sweden
  Paul T
BE WARNED. IF YOU GO ON THE COURSTESY BUS IT IS A LONG DAY. You get there for about 10.30 and our bus back didnt turn up until 7.45PM !!!!!

You have to use their equipment to get the free bus back , even if its only the sun loungers.
View 5 posts by Paul T ip - UK
  Paul S
Excellent beach, though as it's one of the 'in' places it does get busy. Good for watersports and the Taverna at the southern end does good food.
View 16 posts by Paul S ip - UK
  Sam S
The best all-round beach we have found on zakynthos, the best sand, comfy beds, clean water, a good snack bar and lots of water sports. Go there!
View 4 posts by Sam S ip - UK
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