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Ionio (Ionian)

Location: On the northside of the Vassilikos Peninsular
Getting There: Follow the main road from Argassi. The access road is on the left just after you pass through the town of Vassilikos
Access: It's a bumpy dirt road leading right down to the beach
Sunbeds: Yes
Toilets: There is a beach bar with toilets
Watersports: No
Safe for Kids: The water gets deep fairly quickly so be careful if the weather conditions are anything less than perfect
Food & Drinks: Yes
Turtles: No
Seaweed: No
Sand or Pebbles: Fine sand
Car Parking: There is quite a lot of car parking space and the beach is usually quiet

Zakynthos Beaches:
Ionio Beach
(Beach in Vassilikos)
10/10 Gemma F
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This beach was amazing! We went in the October half term with our children aged 6 and 2.  The sand is golden, the water is shallow and ideal for children. It was empty as the season was closed, but so peaceful and tranquil.  We took our own drinks and returned for another visit during our stay.  There were no snack places open and come to think of it, no shops open nearby, but we loved the quietness and having the whole beach just for us.  It was perfect sunbathing weather and the sun was best here mid morning to after lunch. A little gem! Our fave beach on the island.

1 post by Gemma F ip - GB
8/10 Pete H

very nice 

View 11 posts by Pete H ip - GB
9/10 Jim D

Nice beach!

View 50 posts by Jim D ip - GB
8/10 Kayleigh T

I would recommend this beach rather than St. Nicholas with being less busy but still offering the watersports facilities. I went on the jet-skis and banana boat costing 30 euros altogether. The jet-skiing was fantastic and the banana boat was great. The beach bar is of a good standard as well although the sand can become very hot.

View 2 posts by Kayleigh T ip - GB
  Emma M
Only spent one day here as it was quite a long drive from Alikanas, but we liked it. Got the impression that it was very much a 'locals' beach, but there were sunbeds and snack facilities available. The sand got really hot, and please note that there wasnt a sea breeze so it was really warm here. The perfect opportunity for a pcture postcard photo, and we would visit it again.
View 11 posts by Emma M ip - GB
  Bill D

Spent a day on this beach. Thought it was great.

Taxi from Argassi was 14 euros three sunbeds and a table / chair brolly was only 5 euros for the day.
Thanks for the hospitality at The Scorpion Beach Bar.
Great view.
View 6 posts by Bill D ip - GB
  Sue S
We came onto the beach at the Ionian, then walked past Mare beach and then to the Banana Beach. All very nice, my favourite though was the Mare beach. We went in September and it was very quiet. Two sun-beds and umbrella 6 Euros. Unless you have tough feet I recommend you take or buy a pair of jellys as there is lot of shingle and stones to go over before you reach the sand when wanting a swim. Plenty of beach bars/tavernas. Toilet facilities are portaloos.

View 11 posts by Sue S ip - UK
  Lauren N
View 12 posts by Lauren N ip - UK
  S M
we had hired a car for 3 days found this beach and loved it went in june very hot the carribean umbrellas keep much more heat out than silly fabric parasols. the sea has pebals as you go in but once you are over them its lovely much quieter than other beaches and theres a few water sports here reccomend a look
View 3 posts by S M ip - UK
  Ali K
Very long and sandy, couple of beach cafes, loads of sunbeds, nice enough. However, we went at the end of may and were freezing! Took a taxi (about 7) from Argassi, got dropped off, wandered down to the beach, and the sea breeze was so strong and cold that we decided to call a taxi to come and get us. It took us a long time to find the one phone available, a little kiosk off the beach with a lady who worked out what we wanted and called one for us.
There were loads of jellyfish washed up on the beach too. I'm sure it's lovely further into the summer!
View 7 posts by Ali K ip - UK
  James B
My girlfriend and me visited the beach on our last day on Zante(early May,2003) and had a stretch of it virtually to ourselves apart from a few locals. The sun shades were free, but had just been freshly painted for the new season! The sand was soft with few pebbles and the sea was warm, calm and shallow. We were lucky enough to see some dolphins swimming and diving in the distance! A fantastic end to our holiday! Hope to go back one day!
1 post by James B ip - UK
  Loz H
Loved this beach. Saw a baby turtle struggle to reach the sea which was FAB!! Strange sight was a man taking a pet fish for a swim - very weird.
View 15 posts by Loz H ip -
  Katie J
It was fairly quiet here so that was good, but the sand was not particually soft, and as you walked to the sea, there were alot of stones, shells and pebbles that hurt your feet. The sea was a bit littered, with old pieces of fishing net and crisp packets floating here and there. Cheap for sunbeds though.
View 7 posts by Katie J ip -
  Roderick J
A really good beach for relaxing on. Virtually nothing in the way of refreshment facilities, only one smelly portaloo, but just nice soft sand, decent waves for the kids to have fun jumping over, not too many visitors, mainly Greek families.
View 15 posts by Roderick J ip - UK
  Adam H
This beach was great! Deep soft sand and decent views. How a beach should be.
View 5 posts by Adam H ip -
I do not like beach as this one I like the smaller one, but Banana was good just because I found there a lot of stars in the sea. So that is the main reason that I enjoy stay there.
View 4 posts by Martina ip -
  Hedley P
When we went it was very windy and reminded me more of Cornwall with all the breakers.We dropped our things on a sun lounger to go to the beach bar for drinks and icecreams for 10 of us and when we went back to them the old bar owner tried to make us pay for them!
View 18 posts by Hedley P ip -
  Tessa B
as on all the other beaches the sunbeds and brollys were £2. no loos on this beach. long golden sand and very shallow, walked out quite far to get deep. lots of bars offering snacks and drinks. plenty of space here, music from cafes, helps if you like bob marley!
View 7 posts by Tessa B ip -
  Robert J
I found it nice, but very touristy, hte beer in th e bar was war also
View 11 posts by Robert J ip -
  Graeme W
One of the best beaches. Very long stetch of clean sand Sunbeds and shades available for hire
View 3 posts by Graeme W ip -
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