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Location: At the end of the Vassilikos Peninsular
Getting There: Follow the main road from Argassi. Go through the town of Vassilikos and continue until you come across what looks like a crossroads. Straight on takes you to Gerakas
Access: Much easier since they built a wooden ramp in 2008. You could get a wheelchair down now, but you would have to be strong to get it back up!
Sunbeds: Yes, but strictly controlled by the Marine Park and the majority of the beach is free from sunbeds
Toilets: Yes, a portaloo is provided by the Marine Park
Watersports: No
Safe for Kids: Yes, the bay is usually well sheltered by the surrounding cliffs
Food & Drinks: No, you have to leave the beach and walk back along the road a short distance
Turtles: Yes, you will certainly see evidence of Loggerhead Sea Turtles nesting on the beach and there is an information centre on the main road just before you reach the beach
Seaweed: Not usually
Sand or Pebbles: Fine sand
Car Parking: Car parking is available along the road, but not by the beach itself so you will have to walk a short way. It can get very busy in peak season so try to avoid weekends and bank holidays

Zakynthos Beaches:
Gerakas Beach
(Beach in Vassilikos)
 Jilly D
Zante Naturist Beach:
I have found this web site and seen allot of other information on the web suggesting that Gerakas beach is normally used by naturist, can anyone confirm this ?
I also hear there is a new naturist hotel opened recently called the panorama.
Can any one help ?
Jilly - London
1 post by Jilly D ip - GB
10/10 Cammy B

Gerakas ,well   it is so good i wanted to stay and sleep on the beach

bn once and will go many many times more
the best beach ever on the island ...But the only problem was yuu could only stay
on the beach for 3 hours... but it dosent stop any one

they only alow you to stay there for 3 hrs is because on the turttles
because of they lay there eggs ...
View 5 posts by Cammy B ip - GB
 Gerry S

Hi Mike

You need a car to get to Gerakas from Kalamaki. Drive to the Kalamaki end of the Laganas - Kalamaki road, turn left, all the way to the end, turn right, all the way to the end - this should be Gerakas!
It's a good few miles though so don't try walking it !!!!
View 12 posts by Gerry S ip - GB
 Mike D


Could anyone tell me how we get to Gerakas beach from Kalamaki,we have been to Zante for the last 7 yrs but have gone to the main beach at the far end to sun bath,we are going back on 28th Aug this year and would love to try this beach.
Many thanks
Mike & Shaz
1 post by Mike D ip - GB
7/10 Neil C

This is a beautiful beach which is totally unspoiled. I visited here on the 15th of July 2008. There is a car park at the top of the road before you go onto the beach. In this car park is the Turtle sanctuary. It costs 2 euros to park in the car park and you can go into the sanctuary building and sponsor a turtle. One thing I found incredibly disturbing was that there was an English Setter dog tied to a tree in the car park . This dog had no food , water or shade and the poor animal was in quite a distressed state. I went and got the dog some water and food which it desperately needed.I later phoned the Zante Animal Welfare Fund who told me they would go and look to the dog. I find it hard to believe that in one part of the car park there are people asking for money to save the turtles but they cannot give another animal a drink of water.Hopefully this has now been rectified. 

I would suggest using this car park at the cost of 2 euros as the money does go to a worthwhile cause . Perhaps a little of it could have stretched to a bit of food and water for this poor dog. 
View 4 posts by Neil C ip - GB
10/10 Mike W
click to enlarge

Anyone visiting Zakynthos must take the time to visit this beautiful beach. A few changes have taken place over the last year, the information booth is now at the top of the hill leading to the beach and the car park has been closed. Before you reach the beach, the mini market on the left has ample fee parking.  Make sure you stock up with drinks & snacks here as the beach, thankfully has no bars or peddlers.

There are three tavernas available for lunch, two on the road leading to the beach and one just tucked behind both of these tavernas, here you will find a lovely garden and playing area for children, everyone is so friendly.
Take time to visit the Turtle research centre, it is so informative. You can also help this region by donating to Earth Sea Sky, a Charity set up to protect the Caretta Caretta, monk seals and the environment.
View 4 posts by Mike W ip - GB
10/10 Sue F

Beautiful natural sandy beach, very peaceful one of our favourite beaches.

View 19 posts by Sue F ip - GB
10/10 Carol R

This has to be the most beautiful beach on the island.  Gorgeous golden sand, clear water.  Sunbeds though a little expensive (8 euros) and we were told we could only stay for three hours.  This is one of the main caretta caretta preservation areas and rangers are "on duty" to give information.  Small mini market and a couple of tavernas situated on the road just before the beach.  Plenty of parking.

View 4 posts by Carol R ip - --
10/10 Sonia

Lovely clean beach with sunbeds and parasols for hire.  Beware, nudists use the beach at each end.  Bit of a treck up and down the slope if the weather is really hot. Free parking outside small supermarket.  Taverna at the top quite good.

View 26 posts by Sonia ip - GB
10/10 Louise H
click to enlargeclick to enlarge

Gerakas Beach is gorgeous! There are rules because of the Turtles as it is one of the protected beaches therefore the conservationists are at the top of the hill when you arrive giving you info on the  little turtles  So there are no watersports or anything like that. There are sunbeds. See Pic. The sand is gorgeous, the sea is gorgeous, its beautful and quiet. Ideal for peaceful relaxing. I couldnt spend too much time there as Im not the sort of person who can sit and relax unfortunately but this is were I would go if I was! Stunning!

View 32 posts by Louise H ip - GB
  John R

Lovely beach great for small kids as the water is very shallow.

View 4 posts by John R ip - Greece
  Tracy C

We came across this beach whilst exploring the island and went back there on our last day as it is so beautiful. The sand was clean and the sea warm, blue and safe. Shame the cost of sun beds and umbrellas were so high though. Declined as would have cost our family of five EUR30 which is totally over the top for 3 hours (which is the maximum time you are allowed to stay on the beach.

View 15 posts by Tracy C ip - GB
  Tracy H
click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlargeAbsolutely beautiful. Nothing but clean sand and clear shallow water. All protected too as it is a nesting site for the 'carretta carreta'
Take your own supplies to the beach, but there are a couple of pretty tavernas at the top before you get to the beach. It's an ideal 'swim stop' for those (like us) who were in a hire car and fancied a break.

View 5 posts by Tracy H ip - GB
  Denis S
 The best beach in Greece, The best beach in Mediterranian sea, The best beach in Europe, The best beach in WORLD
View 4 posts by Denis S ip - Greece
  Steve E
 This is a fantastic beach, water is lovely, and the beach slopes out gradually so great for kids as you have to go out really far to get deep water. Really clean beach, good sunbeds and umbrellas. 4 Euros each per day for sunbed and umbrella, about the going rate. Out of the way beach, does get busy but no loonies or jet skies ETC. Turtles are laying eggs this time of year so Conservation Volunteers let you know where you can go on beach.
View 11 posts by Steve E ip - GB
  Ellie K

We stumbled accross this beach last October. It was the best beach I have ever been to. My idea of how heaven should be. I cant wait to go back in May.

We were staying in Kalamaki. We drove around all the island to different beaches but went back to this one 6 days running. We didnt want to leave.
View 3 posts by Ellie K ip - GB
  Maddy D

p.s. You can find us at

View 4 posts by Maddy D ip - GB
  Maddy D
click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge

Hi everyone

Maddy from Earth Sea & Sky here. Thank you for your kind comments, Yannis is very happy, it is important to him that people appreciate his work to keep Gerakas the way you like it! Please help us as well, to pick up litter and watch out for the turtle nests. Your support is key to keeping Gerakas the way nature intended.
Thank you also to all of you who thought better of not removing the clay from the beach and cliffs. We had big problems this year, so much damage was done by people hacking it out of the cliffs, it was unbelievable, they even caused 3 or 4 rock falls.  Gerakas is a very unique area, the cliffs keep the sand intact on the beach, so if we lose the cliffs, then we all lose the beach we love.
Here are some photos of Gerakas - at sunset, and also what quite a lot of people got up to in July and August at the clay end, before we closed it off. 
Hope to see you soon at Gerakas - drop in at our Centre!!! We have lots of interesting things to watch and people to talk to.
Best wishes
M & Y xx
View 4 posts by Maddy D ip - GB
  Frank R
We have been going to Gerakas for the last four years and love it,going back in may.The condition of the beach,and the turtle nest protection is mainly down to one man Yannis Vardakastanis check him out at Ionian Eco Villagers,or at the Earth Sea &Sky place next to the bar just up from the car park
1 post by Frank R ip - GB
  John H

One of the most beautiful beaches I have been to. No facilities except for two Portable loos. Food and drink can be purchased by beach sales people, purchase your own before going. Very relaxing and safe. Area is in nature reserve and parts are protected.

View 6 posts by John H ip - GB
  Lynne B
This was the most beautiful beach I've ever been on! We only had two days here, having tried other beaches on the Vassilikos peninsula, and I wish we'd found Gerakas first. We wouldn't have been anywhere else. It is perfect and undeveloped. All there is is a portaloo, and you can't even see the carpark. The bay forms a huge semicircle, and has superb views out across Laganas bay (as close as I'd ever want to get) with misty mountains behind. We only came to the beach late in the day, about 5, and spent 2 or 3 hours each time. At this time, the people seem mostly Greek or Italian, few Brits. (Probably all in Laganas) There were several cages over turtle nest sites. I'd have loved to see the sunset here, also to see turtles hatching. The sea was very warm, with a sand bank a little way out, so safe for poor swimmers. There was a blue/grey mud pool at the far end, and it was quite a shock to see people walking along covered in it. I wanted to bring a chunk home, but thought better of it...
View 2 posts by Lynne B ip - GB
  Sarah C

The beaches in Zante were absolutly breath taking.  The kids really liked it.  Out of all the places we have been abroad we would reccomend this beach to anyone.  Of the night it has a spectacular view of the sun setting which since from a child i had always wanted to see the sun set my little dream did come true and the kids loved it there.  The sea was so clean the sand was smooth and shiny and it felt like paradise i did'nt want to leave.

1 post by Sarah C ip - GB
  Samantha H

Lovely sandy beach.  This is one of the beaches where the turtles lay their eggs.  1st one had laid the previous night,1st June, the nest had been covered by a frame - above the beach is an information centre about the turtles.  Porta loo on the beach - tavernas/shops at top by the car park - easy walking distance. Lady walked up and down the beach selling fresh fruit in bowls - excellent. No watersports.

View 19 posts by Samantha H ip - UK
  Rena X
View 6 posts by Rena X ip - United States
  Simon P
About the best beach on the Island. Went there mid September, so beach was relatively quiet. Not many facilities, but a woman comes around with really good bowls of fresh fruit.
We stayed in Kalamaki, but preferred the beach here: It feels as if you are away from the "masses" more
View 9 posts by Simon P ip - UK
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