Zakfari Jeep Safari - (Zante Excursions)

Ian C  (28 September 2001)         

Hi Paul, it's Jessica. Remember me? I was the little four year old on your jeep on the 31st August with mummy and Cookie (who you recognised from somewhere!). My favourite bit of my holiday was going up that rough road to the top of the mountain where I was bouncing up and down. It was great, so was the greek wine. I have started school and told everyone about it. Mummy and Cookie say thanks for a very memorable day. Take care Love Jessica xxx

Oniro Studios - (Accommodation in Tragaki)

Dawn B           

Nikos are you still driving the same girls car you were when we last visited? Ha ha! Pimms o'clock!

Maestro Restaurant - (Restaurants in Alykes)

Dawn B

Well i can,t comment on the restaurant staff but if the staff in montes supermarket are anything to go by i,ve never come across such ignorance anywhere! Honest the old woman who i actually remember from when we were in alykes 7years ago is just scary! Literally snatching ya money off ya and if you haven,t got the right change god help ya!How can they be so miserable living in such a beautiful place?! I think the saturday staff in my local tesco have more manners!