Cubaneros - (Bars in Laganas)

Jodi B          10/10

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Cubaneros is the best beach bar on the Island! Worked there for a month this season...had an amazing time!! Brilliant staff  (especially because i worked there!!), always friendly and smiling even if extreamly hungover haha!! Will be returning next year for another season of madness...Yassou to Mavra, Panos and Stephie!!!

Mythos Bar - (Bars in Laganas)

Jodi B          10/10

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awww guys, you remember me!!!!  i'm well chuffed! tommy i remember you, and is this the steve who knew exactly where i lived in leeds which was rather random?!?!

glad you guys enjoyed the bar and managed to cope with my awful service when i was drunk/stupidly hungover and absolutely boiling!!
hope to see you again next year!! xx