Plus Soda - (Bars in Kalamaki)

Joanne, andrea, marilyn & F  (23 July 2007)        3/10

The club itsels is fine, but one night when the hypnotist was on, there were 7 out of the 8 volunteers that were younger than 18. They shouldn't have taken part, but they knew non the wiser ebcause the hypnotist didn't tell them the age limit.

The hypnotist also said there would be no removal of clothes, and that its good clean family fun. Nearing the end of the hypnosis, we were disgusted to see many of the participants being asked to make love to inflatable sheep and do the full monty.
We were eld to believe it would just be fun, but the hypnotist swore and got angry with one of us, because we refused to join in with the show.
The bar staff were friendly, but the hypnotist needs to sort his attitude out, seriously.

Caretta Beach Holiday Village - (Accommodation in Kalamaki)

Joanne, andrea, marilyn & F          10/10

After going to Caretta Beach for two weeks last summer with my family, I decided that I wanted to go again. The staff were extremely friendly, there was a huge choice of restaurants to eat at, Heavens Kitchen being a favourite! And plenty of bars (with AND without karaoke), which were both fun. Stanni's right at the end of the stretch has an amazing Greek Dancing night every Sunday. The dancers fully involve everyone willing to join in, and it's a brilliant night in typical Greek style.

So next year me and my friend are going to fly out and spend another two weeks at Caretta. I really hope it's just as amazing as it was last year, and I look forward to seeing all the staff again!!
Joanne xx.

Stani - (Restaurants in Kalamaki)

Joanne, andrea, marilyn & F

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Although me and my family didn't eat at this restaurant, after spending one Sunday night at Stanis, we were hooked! Amazing Greek night, only wish it was twice a week!!
Joanne xx.