Psarapoula Lemon Tree - (Restaurants in Alykanas)

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This restaurant is Greek food and outdoor dining at its best. With tables set among the lemon and olive trees, the atmosphere is perfect with only the sound of crickets in the night air.  My children voted the Lemon Tree play area the best in Alykanas and were only at the table long enough to devour their meal, which added to the peaceful atmosphere!
Well worth the short trip away from the main strip of restaurants although I did find the horse and carriage ride a bit scary and am always afraid of a collision!
I didn't want to leave.

Alykanas Beach Village - (Accommodation in Alykanas)

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These apartments are of a fantastic standard and I would recommend them to everyone, especially families (but not teenagers). They are bright and modern and very clean - by far the best accommodation I have ever had in Greece. We were lucky enough to have a sea view with the swimming pool underneath and the strip of beach a few yards beyond, so there was never far to walk (and believe me, you don't want to walk far in that heat!).
The swimming pool is large and very safe for young children and never became too busy. Getting a sunbed was occasionally a problem and I felt that some people left their towels there all day and never used them, which is irritating. The sea is also lovely and warm and safe for young children, the price of 2 sunbeds and a brolly being 7 Euros per day.
The poolside cafe/restaurant served lovely meals at a reasonable price and the staff were friendly. Although our room was above it, the noise was minimal (except on Greek night!) and it always finished at midnight.
I did not send my kids to the Childrens Club because it was extra cost and the times it was running seemed to be irregular and did not suit me (it seemed to be mainly mornings). However, you will find there is so much to do and such great facilities that they will never have time for the kids club.
If you are staying here this summer then you are very lucky and I am sure you will not be disappointed.

Jeep Safari - (Zante Excursions)

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If you only do one thing while you are in Zante, please, please, please go on the Jeep Safari (even if you can't afford it)!!
I booked with Airtours and had a fantastic guide/driver called Ike who was very knowledgeable about nature and the history of Zante. He was also very humorous and kept the kids enthralled right throughout the day.
Most of the day was spent on off-road tracks and he played some excellent music to accompany the stunning scenery. We were lucky enough to see eagles in the wild, as well as beautiful butterflies, spiders nests and more. For anyone who loves nature, this trip is fantastic and I felt privileged to be on it.
We stopped for coffee at an old village, away from the crowds, and had lunch at a lovely clifftop taverna with a pool. We also stopped to get a view of the shipwreck from above and to swim in sulphur waters at a secluded beach.
This is by far and away the best trip I have been on anywhere and I was very sad when it came to an end.

Alykanas Beach - (Beaches in Zante)

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Although not very wide, there is a nice strip right round the bay which widens at points.
The sand is clean and is good for kids to play in. The water is crystal clear with no scary jellyfish or rocks to avoid when swimming - perfect for kids. The water was calm while we were there but tended to get slightly choppy later in the day.
Sunbeds are now 7 Euros for 2 beds and a parasol.
Lots of watersports.
A couple of nice tavernas on the beach to go for lunch - the Oasis and Neraida.
What more could you want!?
The only slightly annoying thing that has crept in since I last visited Greece is the amount of people coming up to you on the beach to give you leaflets advertising their restaurant or trying to sell you CDs. I used to think the charming thing about Greece was that nobody tried to give you hard sell but I guess it has arrived there too now?

Zakynthos Airport - (Places to Visit in Zante)

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This airport should really be mentioned in the brochure as being unsuitable for elderly or infirm passengers, or for any humans come to think of it!! In fact, it should be condemned!
I had a lovely holiday in Zante, but by the time I left this departure lounge, I felt like I had just been released from 2 weeks in a Bangkok Jail (I've read about them!). Seriously, there were sweaty bodies lying all over the filthy floor and to top it all - a stray dog wandering up and down to the duty free shop!!
A cheer went up every time a flight was called - that say's it all.
The amount of money made from Tourism on this beautiful island, I think it's time to reinvest some of it on a new modern departure lounge?