Georgia 2 - (Accommodation in Tsilivi)

Matt P           

The apartments were ok and even tho it was hot they kept very cool at night. Make sure that you dont stay in room 7 or 8 if you can help it because they are directly above the bar so its noisy until about 3am. There was a smell of sewage coming from somewhere but it really didnt bother us that much.

I have to say that someone in Tsilivi needs to SHOOT the local cockrell who woke us up at 5am every morning at kept squwauking to about 8 pm. I could see it on the hillside nearby and preyed for a long range rifle with a scope to take it out but sadly, one didn't materialise!!!!!
They were kept clean and the staff were very friendly, a good location too.

Ark Bar - (Bars in Tsilivi)

Matt P           

to george (sex machine) nick and the dj

guys guys guys, well what can i say!!! this is without a doubt that this is the best bar in tsilivi by far!!!! george and nick are great and are brilliant entertainers. we stayed in there every night for our last week because no where else touches them!!! bar fire, p**s taking ark bar has it all. the dj plays some great music and you will be entertained all night. they are really generous with their shots and free drinks as well (just make sure you sit at the bar) i'm 30 and my girlfriend is 21 and we just laughed all night everynight we where there. we would love to see george and nick if they come over to the uk because they were really good friends when we were there and we really miss them now we're back in blighty!!!
check them out because you wont be dissapointed!!!!
matt and emma