Captain Morgan - (Bars in Laganas)

Stephen C           

Disappointed - was just like your average British seaside pub yet paying more for the drinks than back home. All that way to watch Sky television on big screens. I will not be going back.

Shooters - (Bars in Laganas)

Stephen C  (14 October 2004)         

Nice atmosphere with Stephen the Guitarist from Germany (Monday 11th October) and his dog. We had a nice comfortable drink in relaxed and pleasant surroundings. It was worth calling in as I was attracted inside by the blackboards displayed outside. If you are walking past, then I suggest you call in and give it a go.

Zougras - (Restaurants in Laganas)

Stephen C  (14 October 2004)         

We were staying all-inclusive at the Margarita Hotel but before I left I bought a copy of the Rough Guide to the Greek Islands and we followed the suggestion of trying the Zougras Taverna to see if a traditional Greek taverna offered better food than the Margarita Hotel. The Zougras is the last building on the left hand side going out of Laganas towards Kalamaki. The food was no better than our hotel and you loose the benefit of the help yourself buffet service. The price was similar to a pub lunch back in the UK.
It was a disappointment and I cannot recommend it to anyone. The food in the tavernas of Laganas appear to be all of a muchness.

Margarita Hotel - (Accommodation in Laganas)

Stephen C           

The food is very good, as good as Tebay Sevices on the M6, with plenty of choice. It is an international menu with something for everyone. It is served buffet style - simply help yourself to as little or as much as you want. The soup was watery but tastey.

The drinks were good - plenty of choice and quality. The beer was draught Lowenbrau and very drinkable indeed.

This hotel is exclusive to First Choice so all the guests are British. All the staff whether British or Greek speak very good English and everything is done in English. Because of this the atmosphere is totally British, you do not feel abroad, you may as well be in Skegness . All the staff were efficient and consciencous. This hotel is well run and clean.

The hotel has 2 swimming pools. An adult-only pool at the front which is great and a general pool at the back which has the pool snack and drinks bar which is OK.

The entertainment on a night is very poor. Bingo-bingo and some naff games. This may keep the children and intellectually challenged happy but everyone else just sits around chatting and getting drunk.

Cigarette smoke is a problem, not just around the pool bar. The smoke also blows across the lounge into the dining room. This is caused by the sheer volume of smoke coming from the chain smokers taking advantage of the cheaper cigarette prices - 27 euros for 200.

The rooms are basic - in a 2 or 3 storey building with either a balcony or a veranda. Air conditioning is optional at a big extra cost which we did not need or opt for. We did pay an extra 15 euros for the safety deposit box in our room. There is some peeling paint but our room was clean although it could smell a little musty and damp in places - particularly the wardrobe. Storage space is very limited, you are better off living out of your suitcase. The beds are poor - a soft mattress lying on wooden slats. My wife was uncomfortable and all the other guests complained. You would not put up with it at home.