Angels Bar - (Bars in Kalamaki)

Alex A  (January 24, 2004)         

Will someone please let me know if Stuart still works at Angels?! Coz alot of stuff happened wen we were there and we had to come home before we knew wat happened. Someone LET ME KNOW!!!!! Luv to all the staff - Stuart, Chris, Nick, Nikos and big up 2 Emily!!!

Kalamaki Resort - (Resorts in Zante)

Alex A           

Hiya, I'm also from sheffield and we stayed in kalamaki last year. It was nice to go to the beach which isn't far, and the sea is shallow for quite a way which means its good for the kids. There are bars everywhere so you don't have to walk far to them either, and everywhere does nice decent food. We had a takeaway from a chinese restaurant which was really nice, and fairly cheap if on a budget. Hope you find this helpful and have a good holiday!

Tazies Menu - (Restaurants in Kalamaki)

Alex A           

The food here is great for after ur drinking sesh.  Try the pizza's they're well nice!

Roof Garden - (Restaurants in Kalamaki)

Alex A  (January 03, 2006)         

This restaurant does great food and has a gorgeous view.  I wouldn't trust frank as fra as I can throw him tho, he's a bit of a user.  just letting u guys know.

Cavo Doro (Akis/Alisons) - (Bars in Kalamaki)

Alex A           

Just want to say that this is the place to go for your full english breakfast. Especially if you're missing the english food, or just plain hungover!  He is a friendly guy and always cooks what you want.  You can sit in or out and the smell while you're by the pool is great.  He also has sky tv and shows all the football matches, etc.  He usually has a deal on meals too.

Kalamaki Beach - (Beaches in Zante)

Alex A           

This beach is lovely apart from the odd cig butt here and there.  Just watch your feet when you first step on the sand, it's quite hot but after a couple of steps you soon get used to it. You can go far out into the sea, and even at the waters edge there are tiny fish swimming around your feet.  Its quite nice to have a stroll along the beach in the evening to watch the sun set.  Me and my friends also like to go onto the rock at the top of the beach to watch the planes coming in. 

Zakynthos Airport - (Places to Visit in Zante)

Alex A           

The airport is not that bad at all.  The first time I went was in 2003 and yes it was a bit cramped at arrivals as they let about 4 plane's worth of people in at once.  So we were in there for about 2 hours just waiting for our luggage. It got quite frustrating.

We went back in 2004 and this time we got our luggage pretty much straight away, it took us longer back at manchester.  Then in the departure lounge we managed to get a seat and there seemed to be enough air coming through the lounge.  But as others have said take food and drink with you as it is expensive and there is not much choice. 
The toilets are very clean and there are plenty of them.  I didn't have to queue, unlike in UK!