Christina Hotel - (Accommodation in Tsilivi)

Lesley D           

Basic does not begin to discribe this place and 4/10 is way too generous. The apt was cleaned every day and the cleaners did really do their stuff well but the attitude of the owners was absolutely shocking. The mother was like the wicked witch of the north and Christina was certainly a good pupil. The only time they cracked a smile was when you had your hand in your pocket paying them. We had the cheek to ask if we could borrow some salt one day and my friend was physically grabbed by the arm told it had better be returned the next day or else (we didnt). The pool was noisy but not unbearably so except on one of the BBQ nights when there was a fight outside our apt, probably the Greek music got the better of them. The apt was really badly equiped, the fridge leaked, one knife, three forks and a couple of pots. They really do not like you supplying your own food but charge ott for theirs which is really crap.Tsilivi itself is amazing and we will most certainly return but no way will we be visiting this place again.The apts are only about a five or six minute walk from the pubs etc. Take insect spray too as the kitchen was crawling with slaters and ants.

Tsilivi Beach - (Beaches in Zante)

Lesley D           

The place is excellent I could find nothing to complain about, the restaurants were superb as were the pubs. The beech was really clean and busy I dont know what some folk want from a holiday but this place certainly kept all eight of us occupied for two weeks.

Saratseno - (Bars in Tsilivi)

Lesley D          10/10

 Just back today from a weeks holiday in Tsilivi and can only make great comments about this pub. The resort has quietened down now waiting for the closed season so it could be a wee bit difficult finding somewhere to go at night that we enjoyed a nd this one fits the bill. the young couple who run / own the bar make you welcome on every visit and they have a beautiful daughter who will make a brill barmaid, if thats what she wants to be, she's only about 4 so she's got time.