Koralli - (Restaurants in Laganas)

Jennie L           

After eating a lot of spaghetti this place was one of the best! All four of us had lovely meals. Ask for the bill when you order then you should get it by the time you finish eating!!! As for eating at Vezal (Gem T) the food was crap and they tried to charge us for a 'free' bottle of wine!! The waiter there was funny though!

Vezal - (Restaurants in Laganas)

Jennie L  (June 27, 2002)         

Had to wait ages to get served and the lights kept going off (and the microwave)!! This was our least favourite of all the places we ate. The stuffed peppers were nice though. They also tried to charge us for a 'free' bottle of wine. Crafty buggers!!

Blue Caves and Ship Wreck by boat - (Excursions on Zante)

Jennie L           

It is best to avoid the larger boat trip around the whole island as everywhere you go everyone else is doing the same! Instead, this year we hired a car and went on a small boat from the north of the island to the blue caves, which was great. When you go on a large boat you can't actually go inside the caves. The trip from Laganas to see the turtles, keri caves and turtle island is also good. The beach on turtle island is gorgeous and lovely for swimming, you can also swim in the keri caves. It costs 15 euro's and is worth it. In Lagana we also hired a pedalo for an hour (20 euro's) and saw loads of turtles much closer than on the boat trip.