Argassi Beach

Beaches in Zante


Location: About 3km southeast of Zakynthos town

Getting There: Take the main road towards Vassilikos and you can't miss it

Access: Several access points, the one next to the Kamara Beach Hotel has no steps

Sunbeds: Yes and many of the beachside bars provide sunbeds free of charge

Showers: Yes

Toilets: In the beachside bars and restaurants

Watersports: Yes

Safe for Kids: Yes, the water remains shallow for quite a long way out

Food & Drinks: Plenty of beachside bars and restaurants

Turtles: No

Seaweed: In places but easily avoided

Sand or Pebbles: A mixture of sand and gravel, better in some places than others

Car Parking: Not much next to the beach but you can usually park on the main road which is only about 50m away

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