Time Out - (Restaurants in Kalamaki)

John B  (August 19, 2010)        10/10

We had  this little gem recommended to us from the barman at the Roseland hotel, Although it looks like a greasy spoon caff, the fry-up breakfasts are spot on.  Very good on a Sunday morning when you need a break from the continental breakfasts at your hotel, Very reasonably priced as well.   We have also had our tea here a couple of times and they too are very good.  Great value for money and staff are very welcoming.  We are coming to Kalamaki for our holidays this year and will be coming back to Time out. 

Exotica Hotel - (Accommodation in Kalamaki)

John B          1/10

I came here in 2009 with my family, and hated it. Upon arrival, we had the general direction of our room pointed out to us by the woman on reception which was down a small flight of stairs even though my son was in a wheelchair!!! yes there is a ramp but still had to clear 2 steps to get to. This created a poor impression from the start. Breakfast the following day only irritated us even further, food reasonable, however all the wasps made it impossible to enjoy the food, not just the odd one or two anyone could reasonable expect to see but literally dozens of them had a free run through the wide open doors, (air con not working was the reasoning behind the wide open doors) but then later in the holiday a child pointed out a number of wasps nests, one of which someone had PAINTED OVER!!!!! I counted 13 in total across the 3 buildings which I photographed and took to the travel agent I booked the holiday with. Needless to say, I wont be coming here again

Roseland Hotel - (Accommodation in Kalamaki)

John B          10/10

We will have been to Kalamaki 5 times on the run, (including our trip this year) and will have come to the Roseland 4 times. I think this hotel deserves to be rated much higher than it is, because it is so clean and tidy and well presented. We always get a very warm welcome from all the staff & owners which is genuine and sincere, so much so that I wish we could afford to come here more than once a year and if I ever could afford to I would do so without a second's thought. Mick the barman is an acquired taste but is a great bloke and his wife Sandra who works in the restaurant is also wonderful. Breakfasts are pretty much the same every day but are a good start to the day and if you get bored with them they would do you something different if you ask them for it. The only down side to the Roseland as most people think is that the mattresses are a wee bit hard but other than that it is faultless. This is our 4th time at the Roseland and is unlikely to be our last. Love the place