Levante Speedboat Trip - (Zante Excursions)

John M          10/10

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Fantastic excursions by an extremely knowledgable and fun living legend in Captain Spiros.  

Day trip to Kefalonia - (Zante Excursions)

John M          8/10

We actually really enjoyed our trip first week in July with the very informed Vera and found Kefalonia quite lovely ? Don't think I would have been quite so pleased had the bus broken down with no AC though

My only critisism was that when we were at the Messini Lake the boat coxswain kept shouting over to the other "Punters" and calling them Captain Correlli. I tended to think that it was done with the belief that we were all really thick and would think that these were the real thing rather than a charming anecdote but the lake and the Drogarti Caves were awesome.
Chin up if your reading this Vera, thanks from sunny Scotland.

Tsilivi Beach Hotel - (Accommodation in Tsilivi)

John M          10/10

Had a gr8 time at the Tsilivi Beach Hotel.

Animation guys Sam, Rhys and Gabor were real stars. Work like trojans.
Bar Staff Hari and Andi were really nice
The Hotel itself is OK. The pool is clean and quite large and there was always plenty of beds. The food was OK. Never went hungry although the set up at the restaurant probably needs looked at and they need more staff. The waiters are run off thier feet. (Oh, and they really need to buy some more salt and pepper shakers) The rooms are basic which is OK but the room I had must have been a smoking room prior to the new legislation comong in and as a lifelong non smoker was close to walking out on day 1 as it was minging. We cleaned it and got some Aqua Pura airfreshners though and it was bearable.
The no noise thing was a little annoying? In a word, I think this hotel would be something really special if the owner would stay away and it was managed correctly.
Wondering why I gave 10/10? Because I would have given the animation guys 20/10 and that brought the average up.